The Incredibly Hot Art of Custom Glassblowing

Trevor English

Glass has been around for many ages now, and its properties revolutionized the civilizations that took advantage of the material. Today, glass is arguably one of the most important materials in existence. Without it there wouldnt be modern electronics, windows, televisions, or even cars. Even with glass being used in all of those industries, there is still demand for custom blown and custom fabricated glass art. Glassblowing is very soothing to watch, and if you ever get a chance to witness the art in person, take it. Check out the glassblowing and molding process intricately filmed below.

In order to be good at glassblowing, the craftsman has to constantly keep the motlen glass spinning and moving. Through blowing a bubble inside the slowly cooling glass, the craftsman has the ability to shape and distort the shape through different techniques. To impose patterns and other seemingly intricate designs, the maker will roll or lay the object on a precast metal pattern. One of the most mesmerizing properties of glass is its ability to flow like a liquid when heated but quickly cool into a hard, yet fragile solid. What is your favorite part about watching a glassblower at work?

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