The Largest Bank in Japan Plans to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency Exchange

MUFG has announced it will open its own cryptocurrency exchange, including a pegged coin. It will also offer segregated accounts for is customers with bitcoin holdings.
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Japan’s banks are stepping in to offer cryptocurrency related services in order to preserve their market share as customers heavily invest in the new financial sector. Japan’s largest bank, MUFG, is planning on investing a lot of resources into cryptocurrency to keep up with its clients' interests.


MUFG, the world’s fourth-largest bank, has announced they will open their own exchange before the end of 2018. In addition to the exchange, the bank is reportedly working on developing its own cryptocurrency to be traded on the exchange. The theory is that by controlling the exchange point, the bank could mitigate the massive rises and falls other cryptocurrencies must endure. Providing a more stable coin would allow it to be used for everyday shopping and settlement. Rumours indicate the bank would like to be able to peg the currency at around JP¥1. Fixing a cryptocurrency at the nation's regular currency will need to be handled carefully to ensure it fulfills all possible financial regulations. 

Segregated accounts

In another cryptocurrency embracing move, the bank has announced it will create segregated accounts that link cryptocurrencies to exchanges. The idea is similar to the way segregated accounts are used to protect forex traders. Using segregated accounts can provide safety to funds in the event that a company has a security breach or goes into bankruptcy. Using the bank's existing security features the funds can also be monitored for suspicious activity and unusual transactions.

The segregated accounts option will be initially available for MUFG customers with bitcoin holdings sometime after April 2018. The MUFG segregated accounts will be the world's first trust arrangement for cryptocurrencies. The bank has applied for patent protection on the system. CEO Noriyuki Hirosue of Tokyo-based exchange Bitbank says that there will be fees attached to the service but “customers will feel the peace of mind knowing that a trust bank is managing their assets.” 

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