The Mini House 2.0 is flat packed but comes with fitted kitchen and electricity

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Sustainable lifestyles along with low cost and simple housing have led to us seeing more small homes. One of these tiny homes comes from Wagell's Mini Houses, small homes that originally began life as just a weekend home or guest house has now gone into the second iteration.


[Image Source: Jonas Wagell]

The Mini House first came about in 2012, with prototypes being used in Sweden. The houses were designed to be constructed very quickly and the modules built using recyclable materials. Another bonus that meant the homes took off well in Sweden was that thanks to their small size, building permission wasn’t needed.


[Image Source: Jonas Wagell]

The Mini House 2.0 has all the same principles and goals of the original one, however, it is more developed and there are a lot more options when it comes to configurations. Along with the version that is 15 square metres there is also a new longer version. The Mini House 2.0 is based on the modular system multiple units may be joined together and this creates even more space in the home.


[Image Source: Jonas Wagell]

The Mini House 2.0 interior layout can be changed based on what the owner of the house wants by way of kitchen, bedrooms, living space and the bathroom. The houses come with wooden flooring along with interior walls made from wood. They have electricity and are insulated as standard. All the interior fittings are chosen and are prepared in advance so that once it has been constructed at the site where it is to be located, it is ready to move into.

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[Image Source: Jonas Wagell]

The prefabricated sections are transferred on a lorry to their destinations and Jonas Wagell said, "In theory, only a plinth foundation needs to be prepared, unless the houses are equipped with kitchen or bath, which require further work with sewage etcetera." He added "We have amended the dimensions to be optimized for shipping pre-build."


[Image Source: Jonas Wagell]

At the moment, only residents in Sweden can get the Mini House 2.0, however, the designers are in talks to find a potential partner over in Belgium. If all goes to plan we should see the Mini House 2.0 being distributed in Central Europe. A model with a fitted kitchen comes with a price tag of $41, 860 or without the house starts from $29, 550.


[Image Source: Jonas Wagell]

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