The Only Flight-Ready P-82 Twin Mustang Is Now On Sale

The incredibly rare airplane is up for sale for a cool $12M.
Chris Young
XP-82 Twin Mustang 44-83887 test flight, 1945US Air Force/Wikimedia Commons

Last year, after more than ten years and 200,000 hours of labor, an XP-82 Twin Mustang took to the skies for the first time in at least three decades.

Now, as it's up for sale, it could be yours. All you need is an eye-watering $12 million handy.

The XP-82 was a prototype variation of the P-82, which would eventually become the F-82. This particular model, however, is one of a kind. As The Drive reports, engineer Tom Reilly and a team of expert aircraft restorers worked for years to bring the Twin Mustang back to life.


The finished article, which is now listed over at Platinum Fighter Sales, has only been flown for a total of 25 hours so far. The aircraft was built using two Merlin V-12s and custom MT 4 blade propellers, which can be seen propelling the aircraft in all its splendor in the video below.

The listing also shows that the restored aircraft has won the following prestigious awards: 

2019 EAA Airventure: Grand Champion Post WWII

2019 EAA Airventure: Phoenix Award

2019 EAA Airventure: Two Golden Wrench Awards

The North American F-82 and P-82 Twin Mustang were the last American piston-engine fighters ordered into production by the U.S. Air Force. They were ordered during WWII, though the first operational versions weren't produced until after the war ended.

During the Korean War, Twin Mustang F-82s were amongst the first aircraft to operate over Korea. The first three North Korean aircraft to be gunned down by U.S. forces were shot down by F-82s.

We wonder, will anyone be willing to pay the price of a fleet of aircraft for this iconic warbird

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