The Rockochet could make for safer skateboard rides

Interesting Engineering

There is no getting away from the fact that while skateboards are a great deal of fun, they can be dangerous. One of things that skateboarders have to contend with is rocks that often cause the skateboarder to trip forwards. The Rockochet, however, is looking to take on this problem by acting as a protective front bumper for the wheels and can deflect any unwanted rocks away.


[Image Source: Rockochet]

The Rockochet is made from plastic and it is easy to screw onto the trucks of the rider. It then bumps rocks away that come into the path of the skateboard. Due to the fact that is rests so low to the ground, the designers needed to make it flexible enough to be able to withstand uneven riding surfaces while at the same time being flexible.


[Image Source: Rockochet]

The majority of skateboarders not only use their board to get around on, they also use them to perform tricks and the device has been designed not to interfere in any way, even when undertaking some of the most advanced techniques. The Rockochet can be removed of course if the rider doesn’t want it attached when doing tricks or when riding around a designated skate area.


[Image Source: Rockochet]

The designer of the Rockochet took inspiration for the idea following his nephew suffering a devastating accident on his skateboard where he was hit by a car when his skateboard fumbled over a rock. At the moment, the project is on Kickstarter and there is a goal of $20,000. A minimum pledge of $20 will get you the Rockochet and if all goes to plan, deliveries will start in March of next year.