The Secret Behind BMW's Mysterious Tweets Has Been Solved

BMW tweeted the number 499,820 and has everyone abuzz over what it means.
Nursah Ergü

Is BMW trying to take a page from Tesla head Elon Musk with a cryptic Tweet? 

That may be the case with its "499,820" Tweet it issued late in the afternoon Wednesday. The vehicle maker said nothing else leaving people to speculate on social media as to what the mysterious Tweet means.


It didn't help that BMW started its mysterious Tweeting with 499,820 and four minutes later the number was up to 499,821. They have been tweeting an increasing number every four minutes since starting. And seems like they won't stop until 500,000 or 1 million. 1 billion maybe? God, what do I know, tell us what it means for car's sake!

Well, obviously confused people were trying to understand what was the hidden fact behind these tweets.

Ba dum tsss! In your face, BMW! Just kidding, we're totally neutral.

The frequency of the tweets led one Twitter user to speculate a bot had taken over BMW's social media feed. 

Some users weren't even bothered to make a guess, they were just like "Cut the bullshit man, just tell me what it means."

But seems like also BMW doesn't know what do the numbers mean. Maybe, it's some kind of a sign that they're trying to give to us because they're kidnapped or under a cyberattack, who knows? 

No genius, it's not some kind of a countdown to the new year.

Or maybe it's for something good, can you all stop thinking bad and evil just for a second?

Oh, Mrs. BMW also took a guess, ahh look at these two lovebirds!

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Another Twitter poster guessed the number represented the number of times his 135i has had to be worked on. 

Another joked it could be all the money BMW is generously transferring to the user's bank account. 

Other Twitter users were puzzled and turned to memes and emojis to express how they feel about this mysterious Tweet. 

Some of the users on Twitter didn't have much nice to say about BMW with one speculating the number represents the number of BMWs with giant grilles it won't sell. 

Other's turned to the popular tv show "Friends" to express seemingly shock. 

Some Tweeters didn't have much more to say than to ask why BMW is doing this while others just wanted to know what it all means.

No word from BMW at press time. The vehicle maker does keep teasing its Twitter fans. 

But finally, we know what these numbers do stand for! If you're one of these people who guessed that the numbers refer to the number of electrified BMW vehicles have been sold.

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