The SpaceLife Jacket for budding NASA moon walkers

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The majority of us will never make the cut to be among the NASA astronauts who are chosen to walk on the moon but you can at least get a feel of what it’s like wearing a jacket worn by astronauts. The SpaceLife jacket is a look alike but not an actual replica of the spacesuits that real life astronauts wear.


[Image Source: SpaceLife]

The SpaceLife jacket isn't actually anything to do with NASA and it doesn’t come with the seal of approval from Neil Armstrong, but anyone who would like to be an astronaut but never will be, is going to like the design.


[Image Source: SpaceLife]

The jackets exterior is made from 210D trilobal nylon oxford fibre specifically designed to reflect light and be waterproof. Inside the jacket is neoprene and this is extremely durable along with being flexible regardless of conditions. One of the biggest selling points of the jacket is that it comes with something that astronauts suits don’t have, speakers.


[Image Source: SpaceLife]

The speakers have been built into the hood so that the wearer is able to listen to their favourite music. Along with this there is also a microphone, which means that you will be able to repeat the famous phrase, 'Houston there is a problem' to whoever is on the other line. But more likely, it will be useful for calling home to say you are going to be late for dinner.

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[Image Source: SpaceLife]

The SpaceLift Jacket is made from expensive materials and it does come with an eye-catching design. The price tag is going to be around $1, 840.




[Image Source: SpaceLife]

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