The Subzero Warm Breath Balaclava heats your breath

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If you're looking to keep your face warm with a balaclava this winter then look no further, especially if it's cold enough to play a risk to your lungs. The Subzero Warm Breath Balaclava not only gives your face a nice warm hug, it also humidifies and warms the air before you breath it in.

81344_1000x1000[Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer]

Having a scarf over your mouth will inevitably collect beads of condensation as you breath through it, leading to an uncomfortable wear (not to mention the smell of your own breath). But none of that trouble comes with the Subzero Warm Breath Balaclava and it also promises to eliminate the annoying fogging up of eyewear problem.

A special ventilation chamber in its integrated mask lets wearers inhale full, unhindered breaths while trapping a small amount of heated, humid exhalation. The result is a comfortable, fully oxygenated "microclimate" inside the mask with humidity up to 80% higher and temperatures up to 60° F warmer than outside air.


The soft and durable, medical-grade, microbe-resistant polyurethane in the chamber bonds with the humidity in the air, keeping moisture off the face and preventing fog on glasses and goggles. The balaclava itself is breathable, wind-resistant Polartec fleece, with hook-and-loop flaps shaped to fit comfortably over goggles and helmets; allows wearer to remove the chamber without removing the balaclava.

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The straps mean that the balaclava is one size fits all and whilst it might not turn you into Subzero from Mortal Kombat, you'll be able to take on subzero temperatures with a lot more ease. You can get one yourself over at Hammacher Schlemmer and it will set you back $79.95.

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