The survival grenade may just save your life

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“Survival grenade” might sound like a weird oxymoron, but the Survival Grenade from Z.A.P.S. (Zombie Apocalypse Survival) Gear doesn’t actually explode or send shrapnel flying out in all directions. What it actually does is pack an incredible collection of survival gear into one compact package that is opened via rip cord when the going gets tough.

Survival-Grenade-by-Zaps-Gear-1[Image Source: Z.A.P.S.]

Designed by a marine scout sniper, the collection of gear inside is very extensive, and includes a steel shackle, a load-bearing spring clip, a compass, a wire saw, three wire snares, a Ferro cerium fire-starter, thirty inches of fishing line, three fish hooks, a knife blade, a large needle, six water purification tablets, and (believe it or not), much more.


[Image Source: Z.A.P.S.]

Surprisingly, given the enormous amount of survival essentials inside the Z.A.P.S.Gear Survival Grenade, it only costs $60 on Amazon here. It could be the perfect little stocking filler this Christmas.


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