The Vista is the portable multi-storey tree house tent

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Tentsile are well known for their tents that hang off the ground and along with the just released light and small tent, they have now revealed the Vista. This, according to Tentsile, is a portable tree house that offers enough room for all the family as it has multiple storeys along with a roof which is removable.


[Image Source: Tentsile]

The range of Tentsile tents all work in much the same way in that they don’t need to put up using tent pegs. They hang from trees and so they are off the ground. This means they are more comfortable and they are more like hammocks than tents. There is no hard ground under you to lie on and so no pebbles or small stones digging into you and you are away from insects and bugs on the ground.


[Image Source: Tentsile]

The Vista can hold three people or two adults and two children. It has been designed in the hammock styling and can be suspended 1.2 meters off the ground. The tent is fastened to nearby trees by use of straps and ratchets. The access to the tents is through a floor hatch which is located in the side entrances.

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The tent is only suitable for when the weather is nice as the tent cannot be fully sealed shut. If you want to lie back and gaze up at the stars the roof can be fully removed. The Vista is purchased as a single tent and others can be purchased and more floors added. This allows the tent to take on multiple storeys, with different floors for the kids and parents.


[Image Source: Tentsile]

The Vista tent folds up small into a bag that measures 59 x 25 x 25 cm and weighs in at 9 kg. It can be purchased in a camouflage pattern, orange, green or dark grey and has a price tag of US$595 (shipping is not included).

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[Image Source: Tentsile]

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