The World's First Cannabis Infused, Non-Alcoholic, Beer is Here

The drink itself is healthier than traditional alcohol and is produced at a quality you have probably never experienced before.
Donovan Alexander

Hoping to capitalize on the growing cannabis market, Two Roots Brewing will be offering customers cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic beer.

The new frontier of legal marijuana is creating a massive new market, with a plethora of new cannabis products and services entering the market each month. The industry itself has become one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.


By the end of 2018, the legal marijuana landscape peaked at $10.4 billion with some saying that the market is expected to reach as high as $23 billion by 2022. With so many products and business, Two Roots Brewing Company decided to offer potential customers, something new, craft cannabier.

A Different Type of Buzz

Two Roots Brewing Company will be offering lucky Californian the world’s first cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic, craft cannabier. Based in Southern California, the brewing company plans on offering both THC-infused and full spectrum CBD-infused options at select dispensaries.


Two Roots Brewing pride themselves off of being a pioneer artisan fusion of cannabis and beer; beer that is actually good for you, high quality, and that is non-alcoholic. As stated by Timothy Walters, "We've seen a tremendously positive response to Two Roots Brewing since its initial debut in Nevada.”

"As more states legalize recreational cannabis, users will continue to seek new, more sociable ways to consume, and companies will increasingly look to adapt to this new wave of consumption. We are thrilled to bring Two Roots to residents throughout California, offering a more enjoyable and socially integrated way to consume cannabis."

Care for a Cannabier?

Cannabier is actually a healthy alternative to more traditional alcohols. According to the Two-Roots company, non -alcoholic beer resembles some of your favorite sports drinks, packed with electrolytes and carbohydrates. Infusing the drink with CBD and THC, these components add another level to the drinking experience.

As stated by Two Roots, “Our product development team, alongside our artisan brewers, approached our development with the full understanding that Two Roots could well be the “world’s first” non-alcoholic Cannabier. We relish the opportunity to set a strong precedent for craft quality and taste as first-to-market in the realm of cannabis-infused beer.”

Would you try some cannabier?

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