The World’s First Smart, Collapsible and Hangable Hard Case Luggage

Trevor English

Traveling can be a big pain when you don't have the right luggage. There are many bags on the market, but very few do everything that you need them to. Most modern smart bags are soft shelled, and ultimately do not protect what you are traveling with. Not to mention, when you get to your destination, you are left with a bulky bag taking up space in your room.

This bag created by Néit products functions as a hard shell suitcase that collapses to a fraction of its size in seconds. Check out all it can do in the video below.

Much of the suitcases design was inspired by the amount of room that traditional luggage takes up in modern spaces. The outside of the bag is made of a durable polycarbonate with aircraft grade aluminum interior structure.

Built into the bag is also GPS tracking which functions with a compatible smartphone app to keep an eye on your bag at all times. What makes this bag different from other smart bags is its ability to be stowed away instantly in a fraction of the original size.

No longer will you need to take up space with an empty bag in your hotel room, you can hang it in the closet or stow it away under your bed.

collapsable-luggage[Image Source: Néit Products]

Here are some of the key components you can find in this useful piece of luggage:

Collapsible - Collapses down to less than 30% of its upright volume.

Textured Hard Case design - Modern, stylish textured hard case design.

Unique Carabiner handle - Carabiner in handle allows for hung-storage of
 collapsed case in closet/wardrobe and to attach duty free/shopping bags to
   the handle while on the move.

GPS - Track your case if it doesn’t turn up at the luggage carousel or if
   you accidentally leave it behind

Travel Lifestyle App/Concierge App - Track your case, check on your
 flight status, store your boarding pass, map your route from the airport to
   your hotel, find tips on cool places to go close to your hotel, book
 accommodations and flights. The app is your companion on the road when using
 your Néit Luggage.

luggage[Image Source: Néit Products]

If you are interested in learning more about this innovative smart luggage, you can check out the link below.

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