There’s something fishy about the Doumen Observation Tower

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There is definitely something fishy about the design of the Doumen Observation Tower in Zhuhai, found in the Guangdong Province of China. The winning design of a competition in Shenzhen of RMJM has given the go ahead to build an observation tower that takes on the appearance of a fish out of water thanks to its 1,400 scales of aluminium.


[Image Source: RMJM]

The Doumen Observation Tower has been based on a fish leaping out of the water as well as the trailing water and it is supposed to symbolize prosperity along with the rapid transformation within the city.


[Image Source: RMJM]

China place more emphasis on symbolism in their architectural projects than the US. We have seen this in designs of architecture on such as the Phoenix Towers and the Guangzhou Circle Mansion. They draw upon Feng Shui along with the Chinese Phoenix.


[Image Source: RMJM]

The design of the Doumen Observation Tower is stunning, as is the material used on the building. It will stretch 88m into the sky and span out over 4, 563 square metres of floor space.


[Image Source: RMJM]

The interior of the building has been designed in three different sections; these are restaurants, cafes and a souvenir store located on the ground floor. The middle section features what has been termed a recreation platform and on top is an observation platform that is encased in glass, offering 360 degree views out over the landscape.


[Image Source: RMJM]

The aluminium scales make the fish look as though it shimmers in the sunlight and they do serve a purpose; they also provide protection from the sun along with the creation of patterns from the natural light within the confines of the building.


[Image Source: RMJM]

At the moment however, RMJM haven’t said when the building of the new tower will commence and when they expect it to be completed.

rmjm_observation_tower_shenzen-5[Image Source: RMJM]rmjm_observation_tower_shenzen-7

[Image Source: RMJM]


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