These customised Lamborghinis in Japan will blow your mind

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Being the owner of a Lamborghini would be a high status privilege for most but these customised Lamborghinis of the Japanese Yakuza will blow your mind. Purists may be outraged at the idea of adding customisations and neon lights to a Lamborghini but with the backdrop of nighttime Tokyo they will leave your jaws on the floor.

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The Yakuza is an organised crime unit in underground Japan and have always been known for having large gangs of flashy, expensive and loud motorcycles and vehicles. Now it seems that Lamborghinis are slowly becoming a standard. Japan-based director, Luke Huxham, was lucky enough to be invited by the gang themselves, to shoot a mini documentary about this blaring, blinged-out underworld.

The Yakuza is of course rather secretive about its inner workings and goings on but Huxham managed to gain access to a member called Morohoshi-san who invited him to tag along with his camera and gain a glimpse into their secretive world. Whilst we don't condone the illegal activity of the gang, you can't help but lose yourself in these crazy cars.

As if a Lamborghini in itself isn’t flashy enough, these cars have all the trimmings and extra’s you can think of. Think vinyl wrapped cars, colored LED’s and flashing lights (like, everywhere). The highlight of the video is one of Morohoshi-san's Lamborghinis which has been wrapped in a holographic vinyl film.

Check out the mini documentary below and you won't need to keep an eye out for that holograph wrap, you won't miss it!

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