This $16,000 Batduck Straight Out of 1992 'Batman Returns' is for Sale

You could actually take home the nostalgic piece.
Deniz Yildiran
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Well, if you have ever wished to know what it is like to feel close to an object in a Batman movie, either it is a Batmobile or a Batwing, here is your chance to have what Batman had got in touch before.

It's not an auction, as we would expect, and you may just have it at $16,000. It doesn't matter if you're on the other side of the world, it'll be shipped to you directly in exchange for some hot money, from David Stey who happens to live in Spain. 

But hurry up! This cute-looking but creepy duck mobile, as we choose to call it, might be gone soon as one Facebook user advised David Stey to contact Warner Brothers for selling it. It would be a smart move to sell quickly. 


It is not a supercar that got some inspiration from Batman movies, though. Still, it is up to its fanciers to have a look at it. 

The Batduck seems exactly like the one from Batman Returns in 1992. However, Stey implies that he cannot confirm if it's the real duck or just a replica, as he wasn't provided with the original certificate of it. So he relies on the word of the Spanish company which he bought from. He claims that the company has those vehicles starred in movies and the current Batduck is one of the seven used in Batman Returns.  

So let's compare, would it make sense to use it on your way to work from home? Probably not. But it would still make an old, nostalgic, and Tim Burton-touched decor if you have a living room big enough to fit it into. 

Some users in the comments had said that it was one of the six flag vehicles, not the one that you have seen on the screen many years ago. But who knows the truth anyway?

H/T: The Drive


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