This Amazing Modular House Can Be Built in 3 Days

M.A.Di could be the home of the future. This modular home can be customized to fit the needs of its customers and can adapt to the surrounding environment.
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The new Italian-designed modular house.M.A.D.i Home

 The middle-class homes of the future will not be judged by how many square meters you have or how long it took for you to construct it. Bragging rights will come down to how efficiently your home was built. The deployable modular house M.A.DI. could be your next home.

This Amazing Modular House Can Be Built in 3 Days
Source: M.A.D.I Home

The Transforming Home

M.A.DI. is a modular, "leisure" and "hospitality" living space that can be built in three days. It can be fit to the needs of any situation. According to the Italian M.A.DI. team, the housing unit can also be used to set-up temporary villages, sports fairs, and first aid facilities.

As one of the few revolutionary housing solutions, M.A.DI. creates an Italian styled serene, and safe place that is also eco-friendly. "It combines the key characteristics of a comfortable house: innovation and technology, healthy spaces surrounded by warm and eco-friendly wood," says the M.A.DI. team.


The modular home does not impact the surrounding area at all. The dwellings do not consume soil due to its innovative screw pile foundations and anchoring system. Even more so, you can make your home "energetically independent" by adding solar panels. And when you have decided you do not want stay on your Nordic field, and want to move to the beach, you can pack up and fold the home back into storage and have it transported to your new destination.


"M.A.DI. gives the opportunity to own a temporary house wherever you want or a permanent house in a building area. Moreover, you can customize it choosing dimensions and materials according to your needs and your financial availability. " say the designers at M.A.DI.

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This Amazing Modular House Can Be Built in 3 Days
Source: M.A.D.I Home

Beyond the Housing Market

For victims of natural disasters, shelter and housing can be a significant concern. An excellent example of this can be seen recently in the wake of the devastating damage of hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Maria in the United States. The destruction of these hurricanes left hundreds of thousands without shelter and millions without power. M.A.DI. could be a unique opportunity to help these victims. M.A.DI. could be used as a time-efficient, semi-permanent or permanent living solution for disaster victims.

This Amazing Modular House Can Be Built in 3 Days
Source: M.A.D.I Home

Ready to Go Off the Grid?

M.A.DI. can be set up to be 27, 46, or 84 meters squared if you are expecting to live it up off the grid. The pre-assembled home only needs three builders to put the house together. M.A.DI. prices start at $33,000 and can go up to $74,000. Will you be getting a M.A.DI. home? What modular homesteads would you recommend? 

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