This Awesome Floating Tent Allows You to Camp on Water

This inflatable tent lets you sleep out on the water. It requires no tent poles and it can stay upright even in heavy winds.
Jessica Miley
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Is camping on the land too easy for you? How about taking to the water? Well now you can with this pretty insane looking floating tent from SmithFly. Called the Shoal Tent, the aquatic accommodation lets you go to sleep wherever there is water. The tent doesn’t use any poles, so you won’t fight with your campmates over what goes where. But you will definitely want to remember the portable air compressor.

This Awesome Floating Tent Allows You to Camp on Water
Source: SmithFly

The Shoal Tent’s base inflates to provide a sturdy floating raft, and air pressure in the other two compartment means the tent topper will stay upright even in heavy winds. The tent is designed to be used on open water so it's created from some fairly industrial materials. Obviously, the whole thing is waterproof and uses heavy duty #8 zippers where necessary.

The tent is a cozy 2.4 x 2.4 meters and can accommodate a 1.9-meter camper with comfort inside its shelter. The floor doubles as an airbed so you can leave your mattress at home next time you want to venture out to the great outdoors.

This Awesome Floating Tent Allows You to Camp on Water
Source: SmithFly

The idea of floating downstream while you sleep does seem slightly dangerous. It seems the company might have been thinking the same thing. It describes the tent on its website saying, “The tent topper sides all attach and detach using heavy duty hook and loop for the ability to use just the top and get in and out easily through the sides if the need arises suddenly.” We hope they mean you can jump out of bed and in for a swim rather than having to escape the hungry jaws of a curious crocodile.

This Awesome Floating Tent Allows You to Camp on Water
Source: SmithFly

The tent is brought to you by the North American sportswear company SmithFly. The company creates rugged modular gear that targets a hunting and fishing crowd. The company aims to keep as much as its manufacturing inside the US as possible.

The Shoal Tent joins a long list of weird tent ideas. Among them is the Jakpak. Why do you even need a tent when you could simply fall asleep anywhere in your tent/jacket/backpack?

The JakPak is made from super hardy, waterproof material that unfolds into a sort of onesie tent.


Other contenders for weird tents to make you the talk of the campsite include the TreeHouse Camping Tent. While it looks like a bale of hay, the tent is actually made entirely from cork. A naturally occurring material that has great thermal properties. The weird looking temporary home breaks down into pieces for easy transportability. Our last option for anyone wanting to make their next camping trip all about aesthetics is the VW camper tent. Yep, you guessed it, this tent is in the shape of a vintage VW. While not really designed to withstand the great outdoors, the tent will certainly turn heads. It is marketed as being able to sleep four, but you’ll need to provide your own flower power.


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