This Classic PS2 Disc Holds a Clever Easter Egg

Cult classic video game The Bard's Tale trolled its players in an unexpected way, and people are just now realizing it.
Shelby Rogers

When it comes to video game disks and DVDs, the beauty is in the content itself -- rarely in the packaging. However, a recent Twitter post brought the case of a classic Play Station 2 game back into the spotlight. 

In 2004, inXile Entertainment produced one of the best spoof video games ever created -- The Bard's Tale. The non-traditional RPG action-adventure game took players on a quest with plenty of tongue-in-cheek references, puns, and jokes throughout. 

One of the best jokes didn't even come from gameplay; it's on the front of the disk itself. And 14 years later, a lot of players are just now realizing exactly how much they got played. 

Recent interest in the game can be traced back to Twitter user @alejansolo:

Other fans of the cult classic quickly joined in with their thoughts. 

Not even die-hard fans noticed the disc's copy.

Now it's time to rediscover that game in its glory and relive some good memories to see what other jokes players missed 14 years ago. 

Via: Mashable 

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