This Could be the Greenest Tiny House Yet

Shelby Rogers

Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House, Big Living, Tiny House Builders, Tiny House Nation. The popularity and ubiquity of these shows on DIY networks show that tiny homes and off-the-grid living are here to stay.

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The tiny house craze in design combines living simply with engineering recycled materials to meet modern needs. It's no wonder that they became so popular in recent years, especially with young couples or people looking for solitude.

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GreenMoxie Magazine created its own tiny house project, and one they think could be the greenest one yet.

The 340 sq ft house sits on a 30 ft, 10-ton trailer platform. The cost? It starts at $65,000 USD.

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However, unlike most tiny house projects, cost wasn't too much of a factor in the building process. David Shepard, Greenmoxie co-founder, replied to a commenter's question about cost with: "I won't lie, it wasn't cheap to build."

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The magazine even mentioned blowing their budget "to smithereens" to end up with "the most beautiful, functional, innovative green home that is completely off-grid."

Greenmoxie says the house differs from other tiny homes that still have to hook up to the grid and sewage system. The mortgage-free living is an added bonus. The magazine also boasts that the home is fully furnished and move-in ready.

tinyhouse6[Image Courtesy of Greenmoxie]

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Some of the features include a dual-pitched roof, a full stand-up shower with a rainfall showerhead, custom kitchen cabinets and countertops, a four-speaker integrated sound system, and a beautiful electric draw bridge deck.

Most of the doors are made from reclaimed barn wood. As with any other tiny house, each square foot serves multiple functions.

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The house comes with a Dickinson 9000 propane heater, wood burning stoves and an Eccotemp propane tankless water heater. The house has LED low voltage lighting and 11kw of stored energy. The system is largely powered by a 12V DC.

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You can check out the full scope of the project here.

Via Greenmoxie

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