This Frankenstein Ford-Toyota Is The First Hybrid Mustang

This Ford Mustang is actually a Toyota Prius in disguise.
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When most of us think of hybrid cars, we think of a car that can run on both electricity and petrol.

Now, someone called David Phinney, has taken the concept to a new level by welding a 1969 Ford Mustang body onto the frameless running gear of a Toyota Prius.

David Phinney is a member of the Facebook group "Like photoshop, but with welding" Facebook group, the perfect place to post images of his crazy creation.


The body-swap was surprisingly life-for-like in terms of measurements. As The Drive points out, the Mustang's wheelbase is only 1.7 inches longer than that of the Prius. The Mustang is also only 3 inches wider than the Prius, meaning it's a pretty tidy fit overall. As you can see in the images, the car's stance is pretty clean, all things considered.

Now, is this car more Prius or Mustang? While that is massively open to debate, Phinney actually said on Facebook that he had this car registered and insured as a 1969 Mustang for about 6 months on the road.

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This Frankenstein Ford-Toyota Is The First Hybrid Mustang
SourceDavid Phinney/Facebook

As for the specs, this Priusstang, if you will, sees a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder Prius engine pull a Mustang body with around 134 horsepower with help from its electric motor. Without that electric motor, the Prius would have just 90 hp — so it's a good thing it does.

This Frankenstein Ford-Toyota Is The First Hybrid Mustang
SourceDavid Phinney/Facebook

We'd love to see how this car drives. Essentially, Phinney has beaten Ford to the punch by giving the world a functioning, if slightly beaten up, hybrid/electric Mustang.

While Ford announced an official electric Cobra Mustang dragster in April of this year, and previously announced the Mustang Mach-E it'll be quite some time before we see anything like this hitting the roads.

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