This Guy Made His Tesla Model X Play Tug-of-War with SUVs and Turned it into a Sauna

Tesla fanatic Bjørn Nyland makes great videos about all thing Tesla. Occasionally he puts his Model X through some rough challenges just to prove how great Tesla really is.
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Tesla model X takes on Toyota Landcruiser Bjørn Nyland/YouTube

People love to put their tesla’s through all sorts of weird tests, from trying to eek out is mileage to this Tesla owner who thought it would be a good idea to compare his Model X with a Landcruiser by challenging it to a tug-of-war. As in most of these challenges, the Tesla comes out on top, and this one is no different. Although the Tesla obviously dominates the Toyota, it had a couple of advantages, the biggest one being its studded winter tires compared to the unstudded Toyota.

But the car’s owner isn’t satisfied with proving how great his Tesla is just one time. He has made a series of videos that put his tesla up against a range of serious SUVs. It seems in most cases the Tesla dominates but suffered when it took on a Hummer H2. Though, this battle was hampered by very wet and icy road conditions. 

Bjørn Nyland, king of Tesla on YouTube

The Tesla owner is avid Tesla fan, Bjørn Nyland. His enthusiasm for Tesla is unparalleled and the way he goes to such insane length to show off the car is brilliant. One of his greatest videos is when he transforms his Tesla into a sauna by cranking up the heaters. Impressively the cars reach a sweltering 42 degrees of which is quite a shock for the Norwegians.

But for Tesla owners or would be owners Nyland makes really fantastic videos packed with useful information about what it is really like to own a Tesla. He makes videos ranging from information about charging in extremely cold conditions to diary-like updates from his extensive road trips around the world. 


Tesla fan won his Model X through referral

What is even more impressive about this Tesla fan is how his Tesla appreciation paid off. He won a Founders edition of a Tesla X through its referral program. Back in 2015 Tesla CEO announced that for a limited time, any Tesla owner who referred a sale would get a $1,000 of credit in their Tesla account and the referred buyer would get $1,000 off their Tesla. In addition to that, the first person to refer 10 new buyers to Tesla would win a Founder's Edition of the then-upcoming Tesla Model X. By tapping into his YouTube community Nyland was able to refer 10 customers just two weeks after the competition was launched and in doing was is now the proud owner of a Tesla X. We just hope Musk hasn’t been watching some of his more adventurous videos performed in the rare vehicle. 

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This Guy Made His Tesla Model X Play Tug-of-War with SUVs and Turned it into a Sauna
Source: Bjorn Nyland/YouTube

The Tesla community on YouTube

The YouTube subgenre of Tesla related videos is a growing field. The relatively small community of Tesla owners is generally very dedicated to providing clear and detailed information about the pros and cons of owning the much-coveted vehicle. Channels range in focus from road trip based series focussing on mileage and performance to very technical updates about individual models under specific conditions. Fans are also keen to espouse their opinions about Tesla updates and news such as the recent release of the Tesla Semi truck.

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