This Guy Rates Random Benches on Instagram

It might be the next viral social media movement you've been waiting for.
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The photo credit line may appear like thisratethisbench/Instagram

It is no surprise that social media enables us to rate almost anything nowadays, which mostly serves for the good of the people. Do you wonder how hospitable the owner of that cool house you saw on Airbnb is? Check its rate. Do you want to know if the picture of that delicious-looking hamburger matches its taste? Check its rate.

As the options are endless, this young man from Bristol, England chose to rate benches. A very interesting discovery from CNN.

You may find hundreds of examples on Sam Wilmot's Instagram account called “Rate This Bench.” He dived into the craziness of rating benches when he was on his master studies at Swansea University a year ago.

This Guy Rates Random Benches on Instagram
"The bench itself is mediocre, it’s a good height, there’s a plaque, a slight slope in the seat and a back support," he wrote. "The lack of concrete base is a nightmare especially after having had such dry weather recently, dusty shoes ain’t the one. 3/10." Source: ratethisbench/Instagram

“It started as a joke with friends,” he told CNN. “We were out one day at university, and I started commenting on the benches we see. And we thought, that would be a quirky idea for an Instagram page. Then it started to be quite in-depth.”


This Guy Rates Random Benches on Instagram
"Is it really a bench? That’s my predicament. It’s a pretty shitty sofa if not a bench," he wrote. "There’s no arm rest or plaque to read and the setting is pretty miserable in this current situation and in general. 2/10." Source: ratethisbench/Instagram

"Why rate benches?", you might think. The real question is, why not? 

Most apps are created to rate lots of things in a professional manner to offer solid data to users, hence Wilmot has some principles while rating but he clearly doesn't aim to offer anything to anyone. He just enjoys what does, it seems. 

“I really break it down into 10 marks,” he explains. “Three marks for the view and location. Marks for being wooden.” 

This Guy Rates Random Benches on Instagram
"The seat was too narrow and the back support was lacking support, but it had a solid base and some history to it," he said. "Given my enjoyment and appreciation of the view this gets a 4/10." Source: ratethisbench/Instagram

“If there’s curvature to the seat, something that offers some way to relieve pressure on your bum, that’s good. Or a concrete base to stop your shoes from getting dirty.”

This Guy Rates Random Benches on Instagram
"The bench was super curvy and we all know I bang on about how good a bench that follows the natural shape of the body is so this has gone down well," he wrote and rated this one 6/10, Source: ratethisbench/Instagram

Obviously, Sam is not alone in this. His biggest supporter appears to be his girlfriend as she takes most of the photos. Others are captured by friends and family members, CNN reports.

This Guy Rates Random Benches on Instagram
Saying "There’s next to no comfort, there was surface water, no plaque, no arm rests and ultimately its fairly unpleasant on the eye," he showed no mercy and rated his college bench 3/10, Source: ratethisbench/Instagram

There are other qualifications that make a bench move one step forward such as backrests and armrests. However, no bench has actually made it to 10/10. Hence Sam appears quite picky in that sense. 


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