This LEGO Roman Colosseum Set Is the Largest Ever With 9,036 Pieces

The set costs $550 and features many of the original details of the true Colosseum.
Loukia Papadopoulos

If you are a fan of ancient times, you will love this latest creation by LEGO. On November 27, the firm will release a playset that has been specifically designed to realistically mimic the impressive architecture of the original Roman Flavian Amphitheater: The Colosseum.


The creation is LEGO's biggest kit yet with a whopping 9,036 pieces. The set also comes with many true-to-life details to help builders accurately bring this well-known building to life.

Source: LEGO

 "One of the biggest challenges and one of the most important things was to convey the Colosseum’s monumentality in the LEGO form. I felt that the LEGO model should display a special architectural feature of the original — the rows of columns flanking the arches in different styles," said designer Rok Zgalin Kobe.

"To achieve that, the model is constructed using an effect of vertical exaggeration. The cross-section is therefore far steeper than on the real structure. Hopefully, people will be inspired to learn more about the original through the experience of building the LEGO model.”

Source: LEGO

The kit cost $550 and, once built, the resulting structure measures over 10.5” (27cm) high, 20.5” (52cm) wide, and 23.5” (59cm). In addition, the 2,000-year old building's details have been meticulously crafted to stay true to the real Colosseum. The kit even features three different shades of brick to imitate the different columns and aging of the landmark. 

Source: LEGO

Impressive from every angle

Finally, last but not least, the LEGO Colosseum has an oval base so it can be displayed from all angles offering a complete 360-degree view and a choice of sides to put on display. Builders can choose the southern side of the building, which has been weathered by several earthquakes and natural disasters, or the still more complete northern wall, or any side in between that suits them best. There are no limits when it comes to displaying the LEGO Colosseum.