This Multi-functional Table Is Both Stylish Furniture and Entertaining Toy

This multipurpose play table offers children a variety of games and activities while doubling as furniture. The toy is offered in several kits suitable for all budgets.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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Martina and Elisa Mukako have launched the second version of their multipurpose play table on Kickstarter called MUtable 2.0. The table set, which is both furniture and toy, offers a variety of games and activities for children aged one to eight years old.

A stylish piece of furniture

Made in Italy, the stylish MUtable 2.0 table and chairs are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and can also adjust to four different heights ranging from seat heights of 23.5cm to 36cm. Removable backrests are included with each chair allowing the seats to be transformed into stools suitable for adults.

The MUtable 2.0 table and chairs come in five colors, Mauve, Mint, White, Dove, and Gray, to match any decorating scenario. The table also features an extension to sit up to six children, three side toy holders that can be attached to each of its corners and a storage bag that can be placed underneath a hole in the middle table for easy and fun tidying.

MUtable 2.0
Source: Kickstarter/MUtable 2.0

A variety of kits and games

The campaign offers a variety of MUtable 2.0 kits according to price ranging from “Just MUtable” to “Mega MUtable.” The higher the price the more games included in the pack.

The Just pack offers four chairs and four double-sided play boards while the Mega pack includes six chairs and all MUtable 2.0 accessories. These additional accessories are a colorful Lego tower and a multipurpose toy house.

This Multi-functional Table Is Both Stylish Furniture and Entertaining Toy
Source: Kickstarter/MUtable 2.0

The standard four play boards offer a wooden cover to serve as a simple table, a puzzle board with six puzzles, a blackboard to draw with chalk and a whiteboard for coloring with markers. The Lego tower offers up to three floors of double-sided fun compatible with all other Lego toys and the toy house comes with four different environments that can create up to 24 rooms.


The toy house comes in two versions: dolls and heroes. The dolls house offers a family house, a playground, a kindergarten and a museum while the heroes house offers a police station, a fireman station, a superhero cave and a mountain lodge.

Most Popular

The toy’s Facebook site features many positive testimonials on both MUtable’s functionality as a table and a toy.

“What can I say, this is such a great and lovely product, I am so happy that you made me believe in your vision and idea at the beginning of the campaign - This is definitely a beautiful and special piece of furniture with such great functions and material,” said one reviewer.

Other clients seemed equally happy with the service as they were with the product. Another reviewer said:

“We were so pleased when our MUtable arrived! :) not only is it lovely but also so much fun to play with! Our 3-year-old son plays all day long and still finds new ways to stimulate his imagination. Also, the wooden animals are adorable :) and a big "thank you " for an outstanding customer service - there was a problem with the delivery, but I received a call from the MUtable team and got it in time for Xmas:) keep up the good work!”