This Resume for Jeff Bezos Proves Anyone Can Fit Their Achievements in a Single Page

Novoresume made a mock-up resume for the CEO of Amazon to demonstrate the power of clever design and careful language choice.
Jordan MacAvoy

Resume-writing firm Novoresume has put together a mock-up CV for Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos. The one-page resume for the world’s richest man proves that no one needs a CV longer than a single page. 

This Resume for Jeff Bezos Proves Anyone Can Fit Their Achievements in a Single Page
Source: Novoresume

Many people think that having a very thick resume proves that you have a lot of experience or a lot of skills. This mock-up resume for the richest man in the world, however, uses space very economically. Despite only being one page long, it has quite a lot of information available and maximizes the attractiveness of said information with clever design space usage.

Colors and minor graphics play a huge part in the eye-catching quality of the one-page CV. Orange is a stand-out color, but it’s not the only one – purple, pink, and other bright, non-neutral colors tend to stand out more than blues and browns, which tend to be more common.

Jeff Bezos might have a more impressive list of “personal accomplishments” than you do, but that doesn’t mean that yours aren’t worth placing on your CV. A list of personal accomplishments is attractive for a few different reasons. First, it shows that you have an investment in the things you involve yourself in; be it school, work, or hobbies, claiming personal achievements in any field proves that you enjoy that field enough to put yourself into it 100%. Second, it shows that you have a bit of a competitive side, a trait that competitive employers will find very attractive.

The thing that sets this resume apart the most is the “milestones” section. This is very atypical for resumes, but it does oddly catch your eye when you look at it. It shows that there is still a tremendous creative space in resume creation that isn’t fulfilled by the same old tricks. Maybe “milestones” isn’t exactly the path you want to take – and certainly very few people would have any milestones that look as good as those on his list – but little things like this can go a long way to make you look attractive to employers. Not only do they demonstrate that you care about the possibility of getting the position, but they show off your cleverness and creativity as well, skills that are increasing in importance in today’s rapidly shifting economy.


Another important factor in this CV being one page is the concise nature of the mission statement and responsibilities and skills. The statements don’t labor on for too long or try to create meaning where there is none – they are direct and to the point. This is critical in resume construction because potential employers do not spend a lot of time on first passes when looking at resumes. If something on the resume doesn’t catch their eye immediately, chances are very good that they will throw it away without a second thought. That’s why short, impactful sentences are critical.