This Super Sleek High-End Speaker Is Made Out Of Concrete

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There are many high-end speaker designers out there who produces high-fidelity sounds and modern looking styles like Bang & Olufsen, Magico, Focal and the list goes on. So, to rise above these popular high-end manufacturers, Master & Dynamic designed wireless, concrete speakers called the MA770. I repeat, concrete speakers!

The MA770

Concrete speakers are not new to the audio industry but Master & Dynamic have raised up the bar with their new, bespoke design. Master & Dynamic has been making high-end earphones for a few years now and has decided to shift their product focus on speakers. For its first ever release of speakers, the sound manufacturer took an avant-garde route and used concrete instead of conventional materials like plastic, wood, or metal. To toughen up their case, Master & Dynamic have collaborated with top-tier architect Sir David Adjaye to design the speakers. David Adjaye said:-

"This speaker is not about the traditional idea of making boxes, but about a directional form. I became fascinated with the idea of using triangles to break down the mass of the box and to see if we could dissolve the sense of volume through sculptural detail. We created a new geometry for this speaker. A new geometry of sound"


Grey concrete speakers

[Image Source: Master & Dynamic]

Master & Dynamic proudly boasted in their press release that the concrete speaker model has numerous acoustic benefits such as reduced resonance from compaction, increased dampening, high-fidelity sound, and extra durability. Because concrete is such a dense material, it naturally absorbs vibrations which provide excellent dampening properties - five times better than wood and ten times better than plastic. The speaker can be put near a turntable, play it in full blast and it won't cause the record to skip.

back view of the MA770 concrete speaker

[Image Source: Master & Dynamic]

Jonathan Levine, Master & Dynamic's founder and CEO, explains the company's intention for the MA770.

"As the industry ebbs towards smaller and more disposable pieces, we continue to defy convention. The MA770 reinforces scale and prominence. Its luxurious design and use of premium materials further enhance its beauty".

Concrete speaker with stainless steel grill

[Image Source: Master & Dynamic]

Premium materials

The MA770 model is endowed with high-quality materials that set it aside from its other contemporary speakers. It consists of a dual 4 inch woven kevlar long throw woofers, 1.5-inch titanium tweeter powered by 100 watts of Class D amplification and diamond-cut anodized aluminum controls. Moreover, an etched stainless steel grille can be magnetically attached to the front of the speaker to protect the delicate componentry. It can be removed to achieve a more chic look based on its hand-finished surface and exposed componentry.

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This slick wireless concrete speaker is capable of encompassing a large room with sonically sophisticated sound. It can be used as a stereo unit on its own or matched with another speaker through its Wi-Fi connection to provide a larger stereo image. Its multi-room audio ability makes the MA770 the first speaker to use stereo pairing technology.

Wireless connectivity

The MA770 is completely wireless and is compatible with devices that have WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 linking capabilities. It also has a built-in Chromecast connectivity, TOSLINK Optical audio, and a 3.55mm auxiliary analog. The chromecast enables music apps like Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, Soundcloud, Deezer, and more to be broadcasted by the concrete speaker.

The MA770 can be pre-ordered on Master & Dynamic's website for $1,800 and will be for sale at the MoMA Design Store from the 25th of April.

Via Master & Dynamic

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