Thousands of Valentine's Day Texts Sent Nearly Nine Months Later Thanks to Server Glitch

The company behind the thousands of Valentine's Day texts sent last week blamed it on a server that went down.
Donna Fuscaldo

If you received Valentine's Day text last week, you aren't alone.

Some 168,149 people reportedly received their message of love and adulation almost nine months later, all because of text messaging services company Syniverse. 


Company blames server fail for delayed texts

It's in charge of delivering the text messages for the major mobile carriers and according to media reports processes a jaw-dropping 600 billion texts each month. And while the company claims to deliver 99.8% of messages within a second of being sent, sometimes something goes wrong, which was the case with the messages of love or hate being sent to thousands of people last week. 

On its website, Syniverse said that on 14 February 2019 a server failed and P2P text messages sat in a queue. When the server was put back online November 7, the P2P text messages sitting in the queue were released. 

The company said that the number of delayed texts sent were higher than it initially thought and said the matter is now resolved. No additional texts have or will be sent related to this incident. 

“We apologize to anyone who was impacted by this occurrence,” said William Hurley, Chief Marketing and Product Officer, Syniverse said on the company's Website. “While the issue has been resolved, we are in the process of reviewing our internal procedures to ensure this does not happen again, and actively working with our customers’ teams to answer any questions they have.”

Texts led to confusion, sadness, and embarrassment 

While Syniverse expressed remorse for what happened, it's not clear how that is sitting with the thousands of people who received these texts with no idea they were delayed for months. Many of the texts came in the wee hours of the morning adding to the confusion. "Was that really my ex-drunk texting me," was a question on many people's minds last week.

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According to one media report, in several instances, messages were received by people from others who have passed away since the text was originally sent. 

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