TikTok User Eats Nasty Foods, Proving His Taste Loss Due to COVID-19

Why go through the trouble of eating all that stuff to prove you're not tasting at all?
Deniz Yildiran
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Some COVID-19 symptoms might feel like they are not a big deal, as long as they are not preventing you from going on your daily hustle and bustle. One of them is apparently losing the sense of taste, as it doesn't really affect your quality of life and you can still breathe to live.


This was exactly the case with the TikTok user Russell Donnelly as he recorded his own videos eating things one wouldn't normally eat, let alone tasting them.

It all started upon a dare to eat nasty stuff when his friend didn't believe Donnelly was not able to taste things, he told Buzzfeed.


Covid test part 2 WASABI OREO up next. For now here’s this....##Covid ##covidtastetest ##MotivationMonday ##fineart

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"The onion I could feel a little bit in the sinuses, but mostly nothing," he explained. "Garlic paste was the easiest. I did lemon juice a couple of times actually and if I hold it in my mouth for an extended period of time, my mouth kinda shrivels up like it does when you taste something sour, but there is no flavor. The body still reacts chemically. It's just like the taste buds are turned off."


Covid taste testing. This is the craziest sensation. ##covid19 ##fyp ##MyHobby ##fineart

♬ original sound - rustardlikemustard

The answer to the question of how far he can go lies behind those extreme videos. Eating sardines, mustard, and garlic in a row? It's a no-no from us.


Covid taste test part 4! Enjoy! MERCH IS ON THE WAY STAY TUNED. Like, share, comment! ##rustardlikemustard ##dontspilltheanchovies

♬ original sound - rustardlikemustard

And we believe some oreo-wasabi toast is not worth risking your whole stomach either. Donnelly must agree with us as he finds it "less fun than other foods."


As promised...WASABI. THIS FOOD IS DIFFERENT. Less fun than other foods. ##waitforit ##MotivationMonday ##covid ##covidtastetest ##fineart ##fyp ##xyzbca

♬ original sound - rustardlikemustard

No matter how fun or gross this whole thing looks, Donnell seems to have found a good way to raise awareness on the issue.
"My only symptom is that I can't taste or smell. Other than that, I'm 100%," he explains. "This second wave is no joke and I'm one of the lucky ones, to be honest."


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