Tokyo bedsit turned into adaptable apartment thanks to partitions

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In cities such as Tokyo space is at a premium and this is when it pays to use some clever thinking to get the most out of the space you do have. Yuichi Yoshida & Associates came up with a great plan for getting the most out of a bedsit and they used sliding furniture to get as much from the space in a simple way - turning it into an adaptable apartment.


[Image Source: Yuichi Yoshida & Associates]

The Tsukiji Room H is just 47.6 square meters and it is a single home which can also be used as an office. It features a big multifunctional unit that offers a sense of separate sections within the bedsit.


[Image Source: Yuichi Yoshida & Associates]

The space is built around the central unit in the shape of a U. The kitchen is to one side of the space along with the utility area and on the other is the entrance to the bathroom, hallway and the bed. As the bed along with the bathroom is contained in the unit it is out of sight until needed. The bathroom's entrance is of course out of sight from the majority of the bedsit but the bed sits in the corner and so to hide this, sliding doors have been installed around it so it can be hidden away.

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[Image Source: Yuichi Yoshida & Associates]

The sliding doors not only hide the bed away from sight along with changing the feel of the space, they also hide the storage which has been hidden away underneath the bed. The central unit can also be used for storage and elsewhere there are freestanding units along with above head kitchen units. The adaptable apartment is sparsely furnished and sectioned cleverly which means that it is very easy to adapt when needed.





[Image Source: Yuichi Yoshida & Associates]

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