Top 10 Best Engineering Schools in the USA

This list of 10 best engineering schools can help you choose a university if you want to study engineering in the USA.
Nader Mowlaee
Graduating students from Columbia University's The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.Columbia University

Some of the best engineering schools in the USA are listed below with short descriptions for each to guide incoming engineering students as they pursue their career. If you are outside the USA but are planning to enroll in one of the best engineering schools here, then this list will give you enough starting points towards a university life that you will love.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

No. of students: 2,209                  

International students: 27%       

Female:Male Ratio: 31 : 69


Stanford University

No. of students: 15,658               

International students: 22%

Female: Male Ratio: 42 : 58


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

No. of students: 11,192

International students: 33%    

Female:Male Ratio: 37 : 63


Harvard University

No. of students: 21,000

International students: n/a

Female:Male Ratio: n/a


Princeton University

No. of students: 7,955   

International students: 24%       

Most Popular

Female:Male Ratio: 45 : 55


University of Pennsylvania

No. of students: 45,411

International students: 14%       

Female: Male Ratio: 46 : 54


Yale University

No. of students: n/a

International students: n/a

Female:Male Ratio: n/a


Johns Hopkins University

No. of students: 15,498

International students: 24%

Female:Male Ratio: 52:48


Columbia University

No. of students: 26,587

International students: 32%       

Female:Male Ratio: n/a


Duke University

No. of students: 15,256

International students: 22%

Female:Male Ratio: 49:51


Via: TimesHigherEducation

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