Top 10 Coolest Nerf Gun Rigs for the Kid in Everyone

Shelby Rogers

Nerf guns might be made with kids in mind, but leave it to the "big kids" to take toy guns to a whole new level. These are our 15 favorite Nerf gun rigs - those same plastic pieces reconfigured for cool new uses.

Adam Savage's Nerf Gun Sniper Rifle

Tested's Adam Savage walks you through how to build a science-fiction inspired sniper rifle step by step. True to the program's name, it's a quick one-day build. As an added bonus, he's building this for his Secret Santa exchange. We bet the recipient loved this.

Engineer Mark Rober's Giant Nerf Gun

We're not even sure if this qualifies as a mod but it definitely qualifies as awesome. Former NASA engineer Mark Rober decided to make his own giant version of a traditional Nerf pistol. This would definitely end even the most vicious of Nerf wars quickly.

Nerf Gun Promising 400 PSI

Granted, this Nerf "mod" hardly includes anything Nerf-related outside of the dart itself. Giaco Whatever on YouTube creates a highly-pressurized cannon to push the limits on just how painful those foam darts could be.

Anything from GunVsGun

But especially this gem of a Nerf Gun War. It's even a bit more plot-driven than most other Nerf videos (if you're into that kind of stuff).

Like This Insane Nerf Gun Mod

Complete with a ninja sword taped to the top. This one definitely wins for the most outlandish mod vid.

Vulcan Mod Promising 500 RPM

The Vulcan normally works on a six D batteries. But what happens when you upgrade the battery with a few alligator clips? It's considerably faster.

Another Reconfigured Vulcan

The team at Aeromech decided not to waste time with aesthetics. They went straight for a mod inspired by a Stinger machine gun. 

Call of Duty Retaliator Honeybadger Mod

Sure, this one might require a bit more aesthetic work than other Nerf mods, but it's extremely impressive once all the pieces have been sanded and slightly sculpted. It's perfect for the COD addict in your life. X7 said it took two weeks to finish up simply due to missing parts, so definitely watch the video, jot down a few notes, and get whichever parts you need for a quick project.

Most Popular

Nerf Gun With 60 Barrels

It's just as impractical as it sounds but it looks really impressive.

Nerf Mod Perfect for Smashing Glass

A Firestrike Elite pistol gets a crazy overhaul, complete with ninja rocks (or pieces of an old spark plug). Half of the impact comes in modifying your darts as well. If you have windows to spare, this mod would be perfect for you.

Five Nerf Blasters into One Single Mod

With a name like "The Oblivion Rifle," you know this mod will be epic.  YouTuber LordDraconical took on the challenge in a commissioned piece. We're super jealous of the person who currently owns this beauty.

That's it for this Top 10 list. Which Nerf mods have you made? Tell us about them in the comments below, and definitely don't forget the pictures. We want to see these marvels in action!

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