Top 10 Coolest Offices from around the World

If you are looking to refurbish your office, why not get some inspiration from these top 10 cool offices from around the world.
Christopher McFadden

The office is both despised and loved by millions of workers around the world. But even for the most devout 'office-phile', there will be times when the office environment loses its appeal.

However, there are some offices around the world that would make even the most stalwart office-hater want to work there immediately. Here, then, are ten of the coolest offices from around the globe.


How can I make my office cooler? 

If you want to avoid hiring the services of a professional interior designer, there are some things you can do to design a "cool" office on a reasonable budget. According to, here is some food for thought: 

  • Ditch corporate art
  • Add a few surprises 
  • Tidy up
  • Flick off the fluorescents
  • Blow up a close-up
  • Add texture
  • Untangle and wrangle cords
  • Live in color

How do I make my office space look fun professionally?

Further to the above, there are some other things you might want to consider doing to make your office a professional space with a fun twist (courtesy of 

  • Create a theme. 
  • Encourage personal items.
  • Wall decor. 
  • Keep it colorful. 
  • Keep it simple. 
  • Create a cool break area. 
  • Be at one with nature. 
  • Stock up a bookshelf.

How can I make my office look beautiful?

If you are still struggling for some ideas to beautify your workspace, here are some other ideas you might want to consider employing (thanks to 

  • Work up the storage
  • Get a nice reception
  • Get the right furniture
  • Floor work
  • Cultivate a natural habitat
  • Focus on the lighting

Ten examples of cool offices from around the world

And so, without further ado, here are some of the coolest offices from around the world. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. McLaren Technology Centre, Woking, UK

world's coolest office mclaren
Source: McLaren

The HQ building for the McLaren Group in Woking, Greater London, is one great example of a cool office. It houses around 1,000 workers and is also home for McLaren's Racing Formula One and McLaren Automotive.

For any fan of racing and high-performance automobiles in general, having a chance to work in this office must seem like a dream come true. The building comes complete with a fine collection of vintage cars from McLaren's times gone by. 

The building is also a masterpiece in modern architecture and is one of the sustainable buildings in the UK. Built on the site of a former intensive farm, the building was designed from the ground up to help "breathe life" back into the local environment.

"In 2010 the building earned Carbon Trust Standard certification. In order to keep this highly valued recognition of commitment to the environment, we are re-evaluated every two years. Just like our search for new ideas, this is a challenge we rise to with a constantly renewed enthusiasm." - McLaren

2. Steelworks, Grand Rapids, Michigan U.S.

coolest offices steelworks
Source: Steelworks

Steelworks, a Michigan-based architecture, furniture, and technology products, and services company, is another organization with an awesome office. This HQ in Grand Rapids, Michigan looks more like a place of play than work.

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The company was founded in 1912 and has grown to become one of the world's leaders in its field. Their HQ building in Grand Rapids is today, home to over 2,000 employees.

Steelwork's open-plan office's design pushes the very definition of the term. Airy, open-plan and well designed, the office feels more like somewhere you'd go to meet your friends for a coffee rather than sit down to work.

3. Canary Wharf, London, UK

coolest office buildings canary wharf
Source: Canary Wharf

Home to multiple organizations, Canary Wharf in London, UK is another example of a great office to work. Rather than being one single building, the wharf is an entire business district.

It covers well over 1.3 million square meters and is sited in West India Docks in East London. The site is widely considered to be one of the world's greatest feats of civil engineering.

4. Googleplex, California, U.S.

world's coolest office google
Source: Kevin Krejci/Flickr

Google's Googleplex HQ, located near San Jose in California is another of the world's coolest offices. The name for the campus is a portmanteau of Google and Complex. 

With Google constantly being voted as one of the best companies to work for, their main HQ office doesn't disappoint. 

While specific details about the site are few and far between, Google's PR team is very strict on releasing details, it is clearly a fun place to work. 

5. Skype Office in Stockholm, Sweden

coolest offices skype
Source: Urban Peek

Skype's office in Stockholm, Sweden is another fantastic office to work at. Set up in a former clothing factory built-in 1846, the office is very cool indeed. 

The factory was used as a clothing factory until 1857 when it was duly converted for use as a brewery and renamed to Münchenbryggeriet. It would remain as a brewery until 1971.

Skype commissioned PS Arkitektur to transform the former München Brewery into an office space for roughly 100 employees. 

6. Etsy Office, New York, U.S.

coolest offices etsy
Source: Office Lovin

Etsy's office in Brooklyn, New York is another example of offices-done-right. Designed from the ground up to be as cozy as possible, the office is a wonderful place to work.

The popular e-commerce company moved to its new office in 2016 after it was totally refurbished by the design firm Gensler. Like other offices on this list, it resembles less an office and more somewhere you would actually pay to visit.

Resplendent with interesting architectural features it also has a large number of indoor plants to help make staff want to return rather than run away at day's end.

7.Cannon Design, St. Louis Regional Office

coolest offices cannon
Source: Cannon Design

Located in the Power House building in St. Louis, Cannon Design's office is like nothing else you've seen. The building, built-in 1928,  used to be used to provide steam heating to several buildings in the local area until around 1980 when it was decommissioned. 

Left as a derelict for many decades thereafter, Cannon Design acquired the site and decided to revive it to its former glory. 

"Although the building’s exterior shell and original structural steel were fundamentally sound, significant imagination and rigorous design analysis were required to convert the building for workplace use." - Cannon Design

Today it is a masterpiece in how to design an office from the ground up. 

8. Horizon Media, New York

coolest offices horizon
Source: Horizon Media

Founded in New York over 25 years ago, Horizon Media has grown to become a market leader in its industry. 

Their office, in New York, contains ping pong tables, beer on tap, and a terrace overlooking downtown Manhattan. Housing around 1,000 employees, Horizon Media's office is a dream come true for people to work. 

9. Vocon Headquarters, Cleveland

coolest office vovon
Source: Office Lovin

Vocon's HQ is another awesome office that anyone would kill to work at given half a chance. Situated in Cleveland, the office is located in a historic building from the 1920s.

Vocon is an interior and architectural design studio with around over 200 employees. According to Vocon, their HQ interior was designed “to bring clients in and demonstrate numerous design concepts simply by walking them through the office”.

10. Red Bull HQ, Amsterdam

coolest offices redbull
Source: Dezeen

Designed by Sid Lee Architecture, the energy drink manufacturer that "gives you wings" HQ is something out of this world. Built inside an ex-shipbuilding factory in Northern Amsterdam, this is one of the coolest offices in the world.