Top 10 of the Most Insane Optical Illusions

Optical illusions exploit how our brains process visual input making sensing what's real that much harder. Check out 10 of the best Illusions!
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Optical illusions can be some of the most difficult to understand and impossible to comprehend things in the world. Even if you know the trick behind the illusion, it is near impossible to keep your eyes in line with reality. Since our brain takes jumps and makes assumptions in processing visual cues, it can often lead to our eyes being tricked into seeing something that isn't there. We have put together the top 10 most viral and insane optical illusions on the internet. Can you figure them out?

Cylinders or Diamonds?

This illusion is currently making the rounds across the internet, and even when you know how it works, it is mind boggling to look at. As a hint, the trick lies in the perspective of the camera, and the shapes being seen don't look like you may think.

Forced Perspective

Top 10 of the Most Insane Optical Illusions

Forced perspective is one of the best tricks that illusion makers can use to trick our visual receptors. It can make certain shapes appear completely different from specific angles.

2-Dimensional Cube

Top 10 of the Most Insane Optical Illusions

This is another stunning example of perspective, but this time, the illusion uses a 2-dimensional image to portray a 3-dimensional shape. When our brain sees what appears to be shadows and lighting corresponding to a 3D object, it processes it as one.

Shrinking Cigarette

Top 10 of the Most Insane Optical Illusions

One of the reasons this illusion is so encapsulating is because it is easy to do and understand, but you just can't keep your brain from thinking the cigarette is shrinking. You can even make this illusion at home with a sheet of paper and some pens, and it is still just as amazing.

Tripping Acid

When our eyes perceive repetitive motions, they lock in the patterns in order to decrease the amount of information being processed each second. This is a helpful biological practice as it allows us to pinpoint objects out of the ordinary in daily life, but this video exploits it. Those of you with certain medical conditions may not want to watch this video, because you will be seeing waves after staring at the screen.

Flat 3D Lamp

Top 10 of the Most Insane Optical Illusions

Not only are optical illusions fun to look at on a screen, they can also be implemented into products to fool your eyes in everyday life. This lamp takes your brain's assumption that it is 3D and creates a grid that makes it appear as just that.

Perfectly Aligned Shadows

Top 10 of the Most Insane Optical Illusions

If you were waiting for the car to crash into the pillars, you weren't alone. This is another great example of a perspective illusion that uses our knowledge of shadows to fool our eyes.

Crest or Valley?

Top 10 of the Most Insane Optical Illusions

Making something look like a peak but actually be a valley is nothing short of amazing. This will fool you every time.

Illusion of Motion

Top 10 of the Most Insane Optical Illusions

When images of motion are split up in frames, viewing those frames in quick succession produces the illusion of motion. This example is a primitive demonstration of how early movies would create motion, and it's quite effective at tricking our eyes.


Refracted Arrows

Top 10 of the Most Insane Optical Illusions

Water makes for a great lens, and its refractive properties have been at the heart of many practical optical illusions. This is another trick that is fairly simple to try at home, and maybe learn a thing or two about refraction and lenses.

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