Top 15 of the Craziest Buildings Ever Constructed

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Architects will occasionally dream up some of the craziest things and leave it up to the engineer to make things work. Collaboration between these two disciplines can accomplish some pretty incredible feats of engineering that will last long into the future. Regardless of who takes credit, there are some buildings you look at and either become incredibly puzzled or your jaw drops to the floor. Check out top 15 of the craziest buildings that have ever been built!

15. Eden Project: Cornwall, UK

The_Eden_Projectjpg[Image Source: Wikipedia]

The Eden project is a set of biomes where inside lies a large collection of diverse plant species in a wide array of internally controlled climates. This looks similar to what future extra-terrestrial space bases may look like.

14. National Grand Theater: Beijing, China

national grand theater[Image Source: Flickr]

Wait, so you're telling me this isn't a giant blue egg? Inside the titanium and glass-lined dome lies a performing arts center that seats nearly 5,500 people.

13. The Longaberger Headquarters: Ohio, U.S.

The_Basket_Factory_Longaberger[Image Source: Wikipedia]

The only people crazy enough to build a basket shaped building are people who spend all day making baskets. The Longaberger Company is America's largest manufacturer of handcrafted maple baskets and the building was actually designed after one of their best selling baskets, taking the unique architecture to a whole new level.

12. Kansas City Public Library: Missouri, U.S.

Kansas city library[Image Source: Flickr]

In an effort to draw more people into the public library, public officials in Kansas City, Missouri decided to turn the facade of the parking garage into some pretty massive books.

11. Wonderworks: Florida, U.S.

wonderworks orlano[Image Source: Wikipedia]

This building houses an interactive museum and science center aimed at getting kids interested in technology. I don't know if it has the same effect on kids, but I certainly want to book my next trip here!

10. Habitat 67: Montreal, Canada

habitat 67[Image Source: Wikipedia]

This crazy building actually is a series of apartments serving as a model community, designed by architect Moshe Safdie for his master's thesis.

9. Nautilus House: Mexico City, Mexico

Nautilus House[Image Source: Wikipedia]

While this building is on the smaller side of this list, its unique shell design and beautiful colors remain unmatched across the board when it comes to interesting architecture.

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8. Mirador Building: Madrid, Spain

edificio mirador[Image Source: Wikipedia]

The civil engineer behind this apartment and condo building better be sure he knows how to design a cantilever. Amazingly, the hole through the building is used as a look out patio and playground for the structure's residents.

7. U.S. Air Force Academy Chapel: Colorado, U.S.

air force academy chapel[Image Source: Wikipedia]

Completed in 1962, the Cadet Chapel at the United States Air force Academy still stands as an example of timeless, beautiful architecture and engineering.

6. Nord/LB Office Building: Hanover, Germany

Inner_yard_Nord-LB_office_building_Hanover_Germany[Image Source: Wikipedia]

Occupying and entire city block, the Nord/LB building jolts out in every direction like a building put together with spare parts. While the architecture is incredible, the engineering needed to create a safe structure with this design is stunning.

5. Auditorio de Tenerife: Santa Cruz, Spain

auditorio de tenerife[Image Source: Wikipedia]

Like some of the other craziest structures, this building is a performing arts auditorium that stands as the centerpiece of architecture in Santa Cruz.

4. Church of Hallgrímur: Reykjavík, Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja_by_Andreas_Tille[Image Source: Wikipedia]

This building is just about as crazy looking as its Icelandic name. The largest church in Iceland is even considered to be one of the most beautiful churches in the entire world.

3. Cube Houses: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam_Cube_House_street_view[Image Source: Wikipedia]

The architect behind these cube houses wanted to create functional living spaces above the commercial shops below. Meant to resemble a tree, with the upper cube apartments representing the branches and limbs, the neighborhood is a tourist destination for many.

2. Sanzhi UFO houses: New Taipei City, Taiwan

ufo houses taiwan[Image Source: Wikipedia]

These abandoned buildings might be home to some futuristic alien ghosts by the looks of them. Originally intended as a vacation resort for U.S. military officers, the project lost funding after a series of unusual deaths.

1. Niterói Contemporary Art Museum: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

niteroi contemporary art museum[Image Source: Wikipedia]

This museum is both futuristic and incredibly engineered to create one of Rio de Janeiro's main architectural landmarks.

Architects and engineers will continue to create stunning and jaw-dropping buildings through the use of design and practical science. If you enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful structures in this list, be sure to check out some more world renowned engineering here.

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