Top 16 Telegram Channels for Tech and Engineering Enthusiasts

This list of 16 best technology and engineering-related Telegram channels will keep you updated with the latest content.
Kashyap Vyas

Telegram, the Whatsapp alternative has gained tremendous traction in just a couple of years since its launch. In February 2016, the app maker stated that the number of active monthly users surpassed the 100 million mark, adding 350,000 users each day who send 15 billion messages per day.


Pavel Durov, the founder and CEO of Telegram in April 2017 said that the app has more than 50% annual growth rate. While the app is similar to most of the popular messaging apps available in the market, what makes Telegram more interesting is its channels feature. You can create a public channel and assign a permanent URL for others to join. There are numerous channels already that Telegram users create and join every day in different genres. Some of these public channels are worth joining, if you want to keep yourself updated with the latest news and interesting content.

We’ve dig up some really interesting channels for the technology and engineering enthusiasts looking to consume valuable content while chatting with their friends.


Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 8,568

As the channel says: “It's all about science!”, Crynet is a growing channel that regularly shares science-related news, videos and more to make you smarter every day. There’s also a Russian and French version of the channel that keeps sharing cool stuff for geeks.

Tech Guide 

Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 28,184

Tech Guide is all about Android, Windows, iOS, Computer related tips, tricks, guide & news. The channel has already 28k+ subscribers and is growing. Join the channel if you want to keep yourself updated on what’s happening in the tech world from the comfort of your messaging app.

The Art of Programming 

Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 18,837

The channel is popular within the developers community and shares tips and tricks for those who want to master coding. You’ll also get useful information about programming along with some great tutorial videos curated from trusted sources.

Telegram Geeks 

Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 26,407

Telegram Geeks is for those who like to learn about bots, technology and social media along with other happening news all across the globe. Join this Telegram army that has already over 26k users to get the daily dose of useful information.

Life Hacker 

Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 1,290

Life Hacker is one of the most useful Telegram channels where you can get to know something about everything. From life tips and tricks to technology, Android and Internet, the channel has something for everyone.

Boring Class 

Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 33,480

Although not relevant directly, the Boring Class channel is for all of us to take a break and enjoy the funnier side of the life. Who knows you might end up with some ingenious idea from the jokes and funny videos posted on the channel.

Most Popular

Ask Me 

Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 15,878

Similar to Reddit’s AMA or ELI5, the Ask Me channel in Telegram will be useful when you’re looking for answers for anything in urgent. With more than 15k members, the channel also keeps you updated with daily general knowledge.

Programmer Jokes 

Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 59,049

The name says it all. If you love coding, this Telegram channel will give you a daily dose of logical and wittiest jokes that bring out the fun element in programming. Join the channel for a free laugh everyday.

Interesting Engineering 

Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 1,093

Our official Telegram channel is equally interesting as our other social channels. Get latest updates on engineering, technology and science topics along with interesting videos and other quality content every day, directly from your trusted information source!


Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 36,293

Science is one of the most popular Telegram channels dedicated entirely to share interesting science videos and articles. With more than 36k members, it is also probably one of the biggest channels in the science genre. The channel curates content from the popular and reliable information sources on the internet.

Technology Boxes

Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 4,787

One more valuable channel dedicated to sharing technology news, fun facts, trivia and information on futurism, latest gadgets and technology updates. The channel is more focused on sharing video content, which makes it a likely choice for those who prefer to have a quick bite on latest tech news.

World Architecture 

Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 3,502

World Architecture shares images of some of the coolest architecture structures from around the world on a daily basis. The channel is extremely useful for civil engineers and architects to get some inspiration for their future creation.

Crypto Experts Signal 

Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 75,247

If you’re one of the crypto investors, this channel provides some useful insights on trading. It provides daily buy and sell signals for a host of cryptocurrencies along with the latest news from the crypto world.

Data Science 

Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 5,012

Data Science is apparently the first Telegram channel dedicated to data science. You’ll find a wealth of information on trending technology topics such as deep learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 1,622

Got a math problem that you can’t solve? Just post it on the Mathematics channel and get your answer from experts in the field from around the world. Also get to know the history of famous mathematicians by subscribing to this channel.

Great Space 

Members as of Jan 18th 2018: 6,202

This is an increasingly popular channel on Telegram that provides daily images, news, videos and information about Space. You’ll find all the photos from NASA, HUBBLE, RC and ESA along with valuable content to keep you informed on what’s happening in the field of Astronomy.

Do you have other channels to recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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