Top 5 Snapchat Accounts to Follow for Engineering and Technology

Trevor English

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Snapchat is taking the social media world by storm. There are millions of users, but how do you know who to follow if you don't have any connections? If you are looking for some technology and engineering pages to follow, we have assembled the best Snapchat accounts just for that purpose! Check them out.


justin kan

Justin Kan is a Partner at Y Combinator and often holds Q&A sessions about entrepreneurship and business. Y Combinator is an incubator for start-ups in silicon valley, so you can be sure he will have tips for startups and those seeking investments. You can follow him at justinkan or by scanning the snapcode above.




Mark Suster is a venture capitalist who post snaps about technology, investing, business, engineering, and an up to date list of helpful tips for success. He is currently a Partner at Upfront Ventures, a technology and business investing firm. Mark is a must follow for anyone in the technology realm, and you can follow him at msuster or through the snapcode above.


hunter walk

Hunter Walk is another venture capitalist who gives you an inside look into the business and technology world. Currently a partner at Homebrew, you can expect a behind the scenes look into his everyday life. He is also funny, so that's a plus. You can follow him at hunterwalk or through the snapcode above.

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Garry VeeGary Vaynerchuk, the CEO of Vaynermedia, seems to be on Snapchat constantly, so you can see every second of his day if you follow him. Besides the business tips and insider look into his life, he will keep you entertained with his antics. You can follow him at garyvee or by using the snapcode above.


ie snaps

Did you know Interesting Engineering had a snapchat? We keep our page updated throughout the day with funny engineering things to first looks at our new content. We even posts puzzles, and you may soon get a sneak peak at some of the staff behind Interesting Engineering! You can follow us at intengineering or by using the snapcode above.

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