Top 8 Websites and Apps for Boosting Mental Health and Stamina

Shelby Rogers

Whether you're a student facing mounds of exams or a professional about to submit new research, your brain endures a lot of stress.

These websites dedicate themselves to helping users improve stamina, memory and overall mental health. Whatever your problem, remember: you can do this.


The Brilliant website lets users tailor challenging logic and math puzzles to improve where they see a need. You can level up in each category and gain points against others. You can also submit your own puzzle in the community tab. The website is free to use and simple. You can login easily through Facebook.


Headspace calls itself a "gym membership for the mind." This app is perfect for anyone wishing to practice guided meditation or mindfulness. You can subscribe to Headspace through either its app or the website. There's also a corresponding YouTube channel for extra content. The first 10 lessons are free, but to unlock longer content, users must subscribe.

Written Kitten

Stuck with a writing project you despise? Try Written Kitten. You set the benchmark for your prizes, and once you hit that benchmark, you're rewarded with a picture of a cute kitten. You'll blaze through your work in no time flat to accumulate pictures of fuzzballs.

writtenkitten[Image Courtesy of Pixabay]

Not a kitten person? Don't worry; there's one for dog lovers and bunny fans too.


Happify not only wants to challenge your brain; it wants to make it a happier place. Happify uses previous studies on mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology to develop habit-breaking games to create a happier you.

The app can be used on tablets, laptops and smartphones. It tracks your progress for a visual reminder of your improvements.


eidetic[Image Courtesy of Eidetic]

Some of engineering's most influential innovators claimed an eidetic memory. So when an app seeks to improve your mental strength to that of Nikola Tesla's or Leonardo da Vinci, you definitely take notice.

The app uses spaced repetition to help users memorize anything they want. It paces the material out to best utilize your brain and not exhaust your memory. Sorry, Android users; Eidetic is currently just iOS only.


Lumosity remains one of the most popular subscription apps for brain health. It starts with a fitness test, giving you baseline scores after your initial performance. It then tailors content to you based on your areas of improvement.

Researchers associated with the company used 4,700 people to see the effects of the program. Half trained with Lumosity while the others did online crossword puzzles for a placebo. The study determined the Lumosity group outperformed the other half when given a general cognition assessment.

While Lumosity boasts high results, it comes at the highest price. The subscription fee is $6.95/month if you commit to a full year of services or $14.95/month if you want to use it for a shorter span of time.


If you're not a fan of white noise, try the Calm app. It's free for Android and iOS. Calm combines soothing images with natural sounds and serene music notes. It's one large HD loop of waves rippling and gentle rain falling. Calm lets you tailor your session to how much time you have available? In a rush, do a five minute session. You can also upgrade to a premium version starting at $3,99/year that includes guided meditations and more content.


Adjusting your breathing can be one of the best ways to soothe yourself, especially if you feel anxious or panicked. Created by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, Breathe2Relax walks users through introductory breathing techniques. Rather than guided meditation, it uses clinical research to focus people on breathing rather than distract them from their breaths. The app is free for Android and iOS.

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