Toy Capybaras Are Now Being Used as Social Distancing Tools in a Japanese Zoo

The giant rodents are spaced all around the Zoo's restaurant indicating where you should not sit.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Patrons are getting very creative with imposing social distancing measures for clients. We all saw the cafe in Germany that gave out straw hats with long pool noodles and we were all amused by the large burger king crowns meant to keep people six feet apart.


Now, the Izu Shabonten Zoo in Shizuoka, Japan, has come up with another adorable way to impose social distancing. The zoo has occupied chairs with super cute stuffed capybaras.

The toys indicate where diners should not sit ensuring they space out among the tables and maintain an appropriate distance. It's not just the capybaras that are keeping customers safe. There are also a few other cuddly animals.

Toy Capybaras Are Now Being Used as Social Distancing Tools in a Japanese Zoo
Source: Shaboten

But the vast majority are indeed capybaras as the zoo is known for its years-long fascination with the animal. Izu Zoo is famed for its wide variety of capybara-themed programming and souvenirs.

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The institution is also famous for creating open-air hot baths in 1982 that offers the animals a relaxing place to bathe and cozy up during cold winters.

Most of us won't be making it to Japan any time soon. But these precious images sure do give us something to dream about.

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