Transformers-Inspired Halloween Costume Is Perfect for Tesla Fans

Look no further for your 2020 halloween costume with "OptiMusk Prime."
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Cybertruck halloween costumeTesla Owners Online/Twitter

Halloween 2020 parties may happen via Zoom, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't dress up properly for the autumnal occasion! 

This kid's novel creation for his Halloween costume should serve as great inspiration — and you won't have to go much further than your local DIY store. 

Think, Transformers, and now think, modern Transformers. What better vehicle than the Cybertruck to turn into a wearable costume? This is precisely what YouTube channel transformersforkids did, and the transformation is fantastic.


Inspired by Cybertruck

Transformersforkids' latest creation is the OptiMusk Prime, and if it doesn't have you rushing to the store to create one for your kids — or yourself — we're not sure you deserve to enjoy Halloween. 

Just kidding. But take a look at this incredible little Cybertruck Transformers outfit, it's inspiring. And don't be put off by the cheesy sound effects on the YouTube video, as they're most likely intended to replicate G.I. Joe or some other fun show. 

The channel really took the project to heart, adding a few lighthearted touches here and there. For instance, the moment it says that OptiMusk Prime "is powered by green energy," the image flashes to the kid eating broccoli. Cute! 

It also showed off its flashy gadgets, such as the in-built "portable rave dance party speakers" with their flashing lights. And finally, in keeping with Elon Musk's work, it states that the "sky is no limit!" Indeed. 

There was also this incredible post on Twitter by Tesla Owners Online that really shows off the costume in great detail — especially in contrast to the Tesla next to it! 

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Now, please excuse us as we head off to buy the parts for our own "OptiMusk Prime" Halloween costumes.

Tesla Cybertruck

Interestingly, a prototype of Tesla's upcoming Cybertruck was spotted at the company's Fremont factory in Northern California. The truck isn't meant to go into production until later next year, once the company's Giga Texas factory is up and running, per Teslarati.

A post on Reddit's r/TeslaMotors showed the prototype, with four Tesla employees looking upon it — perhaps in as much admiration as the rest of us who have yet to place our eyes on the real deal, too.

It's not yet known why this prototype was being created, but it shows that Musk is forging ahead with his Cybertruck.

Transformers-Inspired Halloween Costume Is Perfect for Tesla Fans
The Cybertruck caught at Tesla's Fremont factory, Source: u/rkhan7862/Reddit