This Tricky Logic Puzzle is Stumping the Masses

Shelby Rogers

This brainteaser from user Puzzlefizzy Is awesome on the Brilliant website created the next problem to confuse the internet. Only 38 percent of responders solved the problem as of this writing.

Check out the puzzle below. Don't scroll to the end unless you give up. And no cheating!

Three boxes have three statements. A car is inside one of the boxes. Only one statement is true. trick[Image Courtesy of Puzzlefizzy Is awesome/Brilliant]

The instructions want you to use the statements to determine which box holds the car.

Can it be box one? No. The statements below boxes one and three would be correct. But our instructions tell us only one statement can be true.

Can it be box three? No. The statements in boxes two and three would be true if the car was in box three, so it can't be there.

So, through process of elimination, box two holds the car. This means the only true statement is the one below three that says the car isn't in the first box!

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