Trying to Get This Restaurant's WiFi Password Confused the Internet

Shelby Rogers

You sit down at your local Starbucks and log into the coffee shop's WiFi. It's simple, easy, and saves your data as you post a pumpkin spice latte pic to Instagram.

However, one restaurant complicated that process. This Thai restaurant in San Antonio, Texas requires people to crack what must be the strangest math problem we've seen recently.

restaurant[Image Courtesy of Reddit]

Good thing your iPhone's calculator doesn't use your data.

One Reddit user, Joshua_Glock, took to the worldwide web to find someone to crack the code.

This is the Wifi password at a local Thai restaurant. I'm determined to join their network. Where are the math wizards at? from funny

However, there seems to be no uniform answer.

Of course, there were also those who didn't exactly have the most accurate answer...

And the user who suggested trying a dad joke instead of math:

And a dad who actually avoided the dad jokes and tried to help out the original poster:

Regardless, none of the answers seemed to be a guaranteed answer. Most reddit responders noted that:

Still no word yet from Joshua_Glock as to the success or failure of the answers.

Via Reddit

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