Turn a Cross into a Square in Two Cuts – Can You do It?

Trevor English

Interesting Engineering has brought you puzzles before, after all, every engineer loves proving their superior knowledge over others. This puzzle involves some geometry, and unless you have seen the answer before, it is harder to figure out than you would expect. The problem states that if you have a cross, what 2 cuts could you make to recombine the pieces to make a square. Based on the geometrical properties of a cross, we know that it is possible to make a square, but the cuts aren't that obvious. Check out the puzzle below.


The best way to solve this problem if you haven't ever seen it before is probably to cut a cross out of a sheet of paper. At first glance, you probably tried cutting off one of the sides, but that won't get you to the solution. As a hint, try making 2 diagonal cuts along the cross. As another hint, the two cuts should cross each other and you should end up with 4 individual pieces. Still need help? Check out the solution video below.


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Well, now that you know the solution, go test all of your friends and see if they are smart enough to figure it out.

Square cross[Image Source: Maths Doctor]

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