TV Program Offering CEO Experience to Apprentices Returns for Season 3

The XCMG-sponsored apprentice television program, which grants participants access to one of China's leading companies, is back for its third season.
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One company has developed an experiential apprenticeship program that will give young people first-hand insight into the daily workings—and daily stresses—of the CEO of a leading company faces: and it’s all televised.

XCMG CEO Chairman and CEO Wang Min is the brains behind the apprentice program which is aptly titled “One Week CEO”. So far two seasons have been completed, and Season 3, which wrapped up earlier this month, proves to be the most intense experience yet. XCMG Group has occupied the spot as China’s leading construction machinery company now for more than two decades.

The lucky candidates took part in an exhaustive, and interactive, tour of XCMG’s facilities, offering them the chance to engage in the operations of the company at all levels. This year’s group is made up of only 5 lucky people, from the United States, Algeria, Russia, Poland, and Malaysia, and two of them (Aaron Witt and Hicham Berkouk of the US and Algeria)—without revealing too much about what happens in Season 3—took to Twitter to express their gratitude to the company for the experience.

One of the highlights of the week-long program is trying out the products up close and personal at the facility—the product line consists of machinery designed for earth moving, excavation, hoisting, road maintenance and repair, as well as heavy-duty trucks. Below are a few of our favorites:

• The ET Excavator: Given the nickname of Spider-Man, it’s part of a new-generation intelligent product line.

TV Program Offering CEO Experience to Apprentices Returns for Season 3
Source: XCMG

• XDE110 Dump Truck: This electric drive dump truck, with a rated loading capacity of 11000kg, features world's top technology.

TV Program Offering CEO Experience to Apprentices Returns for Season 3
Source: XCMG

• The G9 Hanvan Heavy Duty Truck: The intelligently designed truck offers a cost-effective alternative.

TV Program Offering CEO Experience to Apprentices Returns for Season 3
Source: XCMG

Min discussed in a clip from this season the aims of the successful apprenticeship program and the bird’s eye perspective of running a big operation that the unique experience will give them:

"With the XCMG Apprentice Program, [the participants] get to understand the brand connotation of XCMG, and experience the cultural charm of XCMG. We hope to work hand in hand with young people worldwide. We can discover more about construction technologies and support the global construction projects, as well as achieve sustainable development." He offered the following words of inspiration for the small group assembled on the first day of the program at the company's headquarters located in Xuzhou, China, a group which he hopes will be part of the next generation of global industry leaders: "The world is so big, yet so small. Going global, aim high, and look far."

XCMG released a trailer for the action-packed, intense first week of the rewarding program:

The most compelling aspect of the experience, the apprentices’ experience aside, is the opportunity to take a behind the scenes operational look at a major Chinese company. The program reminds us all of the economic emergence of China as a serious competitor in the global market. We can't wait to see what else is in store for Season 3.

For more information you can visit XCMG Group's Facebook page.



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