Twitter 2.0 serves ‘90 billion Tweet impressions per day,’ claims Elon Musk

Musk's recent efforts to entice users and advertisers have seen him display a large amount of data, showing off the progress of the platform.
Baba Tamim
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Elon Musk, the "Chief Twit," has claimed that his social media platform "Twitter 2.0" is serving 90 billion Tweet impressions per day. 

"Twitter is now serving almost 90 billion tweet impressions per day!" the tech billionaire wrote on his micro-blogging site on Friday. 

"Just how incredibly alive the system actually is will become obvious as we show view count on all tweets," he added. 

The business tycoon shared some lofty intentions last month. "I think I see a path to Twitter exceeding a billion monthly users in 12 to 18 months," he said.

Also, in the same month, Musk declared that 1.6 million new daily active users had joined the microblogging service in the previous week.

The revised microblogging platform informed advertisers that, following Musk's takeover, its daily user growth had reached an "all-time high" despite the fact that a number of sponsors had abandoned the service due to internal unrest.

Musk's recent efforts to entice users and advertisers have seen him display a large amount of data, showing off the progress of the platform. However, this may have also led to the use of "Twitter Files" an attempt to what he calls "to restore public faith."

'Twitter files' and the 'public faith'

Apparently, the new CEO wasn't satisfied with the previous Twitter regime's decision to censor a news article by the New York Post regarding Hunter Biden's laptop scandal before the 2020 presidential election. 

Musk promoted a series of tweets on Friday that appeared to indicate internal business documents showing the previous administration may have hidden or censored news of Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop issue during the 2020 US presidential race.

The emails show Twitter's team struggling with how to explain their handling of the story that broke the news of Hunter's leaked laptop files — and whether they made the correct moderation decision in the first place. 

It was allegedly not clear if the materials were genuine by then, and the then Twitter admins decided to ban links to or images of the Post's story, citing its policy on the distribution of hacked materials. 

The controversial move to block a news outlet led to a lot of free speech advocates getting worried about setting such a trend. 

The "Twitter Files" accuse Vijaya Gadde, the former head of law, policy, and trust at the company who is of Indian descent, of concealing the news of Hunter Biden's laptop on the platform while clearing former CEO Jack Dorsey, according to the Business Standard

The decision to prohibit former US President Donald Trump and end political advertising on the network was made by Gadde, who abruptly left Twitter alongside former CEO Parag Agrawal, as per the report. 

'Twitter Files'- More to come 

Independent journalist and author Matt Taibbi released the "Twitter Files" on the website on Saturday without disclosing how he got them, to which Elon Musk responded, "here we go."

"The decision (to suppress Hunter Biden's laptop story) was made at the highest levels of the company, but without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey, with former head of legal, policy and trust, Vijaya Gadde, playing a key role," claimed Taibbi.

"An amazing subplot of the Twitter/Hunter Biden laptop affair was how much was done without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey," he added.

Meanwhile, there will be much more about previous Twitter shadow-banning, referring to "Twitter Files," stated Taibbi. 

"There are multiple instances in the files of Dorsey intervening to question suspensions and other moderation actions, for accounts across the political spectrum," he said.

Twitter has seen a lot of developments since Musk's takeover in October. However, the latest revelations may make it more controversial. 

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