Twitter: Verifying ‘Jesus’ and ‘Satan’ may have led to halting of paid blue tick marks

Twitter launched the membership option in order to help Musk's battle to keep advertisers.
Baba Tamim
Verifying ‘Jesus’ and ‘Satan’ may have led to halting of paid blue tick marks
Verifying parody accounts ‘Jesus’ and ‘Satan’ may have led to halting of paid blue tick marks


The most bizarre turnabout on Twitter because of the parody accounts has the social media giant temporarily halt its new $8 blue tick subscription. 

The action was taken in response to a number of accounts that were imitating well-known brands receiving the blue tick, surprisingly verified by Twitter earlier, according to several media reports. 

"Going forward, accounts engaged in parody must include "parody" in their name, not just in bio," Elon Musk, the new chief, wrote on Friday. 

"To be more precise, accounts doing parody impersonations. Basically, tricking people is not ok."

Later in the thread of tweets, he declared that the company is adding "a 'Parody' subscript to clarify."

Earlier, only verified accounts of public figures, including journalists, legislators, and well-known people, could own the popular blue check mark. 

But this week, Twitter launched a membership option that is available to anyone willing to pay in order to help Musk's battle to keep advertisers.

It began with 'Jesus' and continued with 'Satan'

The internet broke to laughter with parody accounts flashing their blue tick checks.

On Wednesday, a parody account faking to be Jesus Christ received a blue check mark from Twitter. This came as a surprise as Musk is a well-known critic of impersonations on social media. 

As the news developed during that day, another spoof account, Satan, bragged about his verifications on Thursday. "At last, I am verified," the account posted

A lot of parody accounts that spoof world personalities and others have been confirmed, causing even more havoc for Twitter users and those who work there.

Even though the parody accounts may appear funny, they are also causing people to worry after verified accounts of Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and Elon Musk himself. 

Due to the sensitivity of some tweets sent from these accounts, Twitter probably brought back the "official" verification badge to signify genuine accounts. 

Meanwhile, Musk claims that this is his effort to stop impersonations.

The idea of paid blue check marks

The tech billionaire had informed the workforce that the recently purchased Twitter's bankruptcy was highly likely. 

Which allegedly resulted in a departure of top executives from the corporation, according to media reports

Musk had earlier conducted an all-hands meeting at the business headquarters and talked about the amount of money the company was losing over two weeks after eventually agreeing to buy Twitter. 

Musk reportedly cautioned that the company's current rate of cash drain will result in a negative balance of billions of dollars by 2023. The only option to keep the business alive was his idea of Twitter Blue memberships.

Due to concerns about inflation, advertising income has decreased on social media platforms like Meta and YouTube, not just Twitter. 

While Twitter's ad sales make just a small portion of its overall revenue, Musk's takeover has allegedly reduced the company's cash flow, according to some reports. 

With limited information available on the network's content moderation policies, some firms have temporarily suspended their platform advertising.