Two Friends in Venezuela Create Unique Special Effects Videos that Trick the Eye

2Venezolanos is the name given to a pair of friends in Venezuela who create popular videos that play with visual effects.
Mario L. Major

Two friends in Venezuela decided to turn their shared interest in video compositing and visual effects (VFX) into a project that took on an even bigger mission.

Alejandro Benzaquen and Kevin Lustgarten, 26 and 21 years old, respectively, have been creating videos together since 2015. Going by the name of 2Venezolanos on various social media channels, the pair has created a group of short and funny videos. In a relatively short time, they have gained overwhelming support from followers: 187,000 on Instagram and 161,000 on Facebook.

Two Friends in Venezuela Create Unique Special Effects Videos that Trick the Eye
Source: 2venezolanos/Facebook

One video shows one of the guys seeming to do pushups under moving cars, while in another video white shoes covered in purple plastic turn into purple shoes instantly.


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One of our favorites is the short scene involving a tennis ball that seems to bounce on its own in mid-air.


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In one of their most impressive tricks, one of the soapy bubbles being blown is suddenly transformed into a glass bubble.


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Though the final product has smooth transitions, the pair confesses that there have been some challenges along the way, which has made them more and more flexible with each project: "Many times we have had ideas that we could not execute," shares Alejandro. "But as our project is based on making the impossible possible, if we do not get it we achieve the [desired] effect, we want to develop it into another completely different idea.”

Watch the two in action below in this video compilation they put together:

When asked about the aim of their work, the pair had the following to say: "We want to show the power of creativity and simplicity. Anyone can do what we do with the most basic tools! We inspire ourselves by observing situations of everyday life and wondering how we can put a creative twist on them to turn them into something impossible and unexpected. We achieved our impossible illusions by mixing videos of things that could never go together in real life, so each of our videos is a mix of videos with very subtle transitions and changes. "


Also, given the heightened political unrest in their native country of Venezuela, creating videos that have a message of optimism could have also been one of their motivations, inspiring a broader global vision: "Social media networks create overnight sensations, and I think that's something that has happened with 2Venezolanos recently," admits Alejandro. "We have had to rethink where the project is going, what our next goals are, the next steps to take; we intend to continue growing with the project, as professionals, and as people. And we also want to give a positive and different message of what Venezuela is and what Venezuelans are capable of doing around the world." 

With the increased accessibility of VFX software in the past decade has come the growing use of it in independent and amateur video productions. The most important point, as before, is subtlety. If the video can not trick the eye and erase the boundary between reality and fiction the effect loses its value. And in the case of the two friends in Venezuela, a lighthearted and optimistic approach carries some weight as well.

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