UAE Spy Satellite Crashed after Rocket Failure 2 Minutes Post Liftoff

The spy satellite crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, mere minutes after its liftoff.
Fabienne Lang

The Arianespace Flight VV15 experienced a mission failure after liftoff and came crashing down into the Atlantic Ocean.

The mission was for one of the United Arab Emirate's (UAE) spy satellites.


The satellite crash happened due to a failed rocket launch from French Guiana on Wednesday. Reasons for the crash are still to be disclosed, and the crash occurred just two minutes after liftoff. 

UAE military spy satellite

The 98-foot-tall European Vega rocket was carrying a satellite that Airbus built. It was called the FalconEye1 and it was built for the UAE military. 

As per what Arianespace, the company operating the rocket launch, said in their short report "a launcher anomaly occurred."

The flight's course was meant to last 57 minutes from liftoff to separation. 

Arianespace executive VP of missions, ops, and purchasing, Luce Fabreguettes, gave an apology at a news conference after the failed launch.

You can watch the conference here:

Fabreguettes said, "As you have seen, about two minutes after liftoff, around the Z23 ignition, a major anomaly occurred resulting in the loss of the mission."

"On behalf of Arianespace, I wish to express my deepest apologies to our customers for the loss of their payload and telling them how sorry I am," finished Fabreguettes. 

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