Uber May End Up Delivering Weed To Your Front Door

It's already branching out to food, grocery, and alcohol deliveries soon, so why not cannabis, too?
Fabienne Lang

Uber's CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, told CNBC that the car riding service may extend to delivering weed someday. 

Speaking in a CNBC "TechCheck" interview, Khosrowshahi said the company had to first wait until cannabis regulations become legalized on a U.S. federal level before going ahead with this plan.  

It's not such a crazy idea when you know that a number of states in the U.S. have already legalized the use of recreational, as well as medical marijuana. The state of New York recently passed a bill to legalize the use of recreational marijuana, and more may follow suit. That said, under federal law, marijuana is still formally illegal. 

Branching out with Uber deliveries

With more and more states legalizing the drug, it's easy to see why Uber would be inclined to start delivering it to residents. The taxi riding service has already branched out from only offering lifts to passengers, similar to regular taxis.

For instance, the company's Uber Eats food delivery service has recently overtaken its car riding service, as more people have been ordering in during lockdowns, and fewer have been moving around requiring taxi services. 

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On top of that, Uber's new grocery delivery service in the U.S. has picked up speed quickly as the company shifts its core business from ride-sharing to deliveries. And in February, the Associated Press reported that Uber acquired the alcohol delivery company, Drizly. The Boston-based company already delivers alcohol in 26 states where it's legal to do so, and the acquisition clearly shows Uber's interest in delivering alcohol in the near future, too. 

It's clear to see there's a lot of potential in the delivery industry, and it's not just centered around food. Uber has its finger on the pulse of what's up-and-coming, and perhaps that'll be weed — time will tell. 

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