Ukraine claims its sniper shot Russian soldier 1.7 miles away, the second best kill on record

There is no way to verify this claim.
Ameya Paleja
Ukrainian National Guard snipers take up position
Ukrainian National Guard snipers take up position


Ukraine's strategic command has shared footage of a sniper successfully bringing down a target believed to be 1.7 miles away (2.7 km) away. Viewers might find the video very disturbing.

Since the Russian aggression began in February of this year, Ukraine has shared as many records as possible of its successful targets with the world. Whether it is Ukraine's artillery causing havoc on Russian advances or loitering munitions that have targeted Russian tanks, Ukraine has not shied away from boasting about its achievements.

With a much larger army at command and as a provider of defense equipment to countries worldwide, Russia definitely had the upper hand in this conflict from day one. As the conflict is now completing its ninth month, Ukraine's defenses have stood their ground and even managed to push back Russian soldiers from forward positions.

The second-longest sniper kill claim

The latest update from the Ukrainian strategic command comes from their Telegram channel, which shows footage from a thermal imaging camera on top of a sniper rifle. As seen in the footage, a figure appears to be walking in the trees, and when he comes to a standstill, the scope's crosshairs settle on him. Moments later, the figure collapses to the ground.

The description provided, along with the footage, translates to, "occupier was eliminated", which likely suggests that the whole episode likely took place in occupied Ukraine. This footage has not been independently verified, but it is difficult to get confirmations regarding events on the Russian side.

The description further states that the precise shot was effected from a distance of 1.68 miles (2,710 m), beating a previously held record.

Record distance sniping kills

War-time sniper kills do not have means of verification or record keeping. Yet, the farthest hit is attributed to an unknown sniper from Canada's Joint Task Force which happened in Iraq in 2017, Business Insider reported. The distance then recorded was 2.2 miles or 3.54 km.

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Until the Ukrainian kill, the second-farthest kill record was held by a former British sniper, Craig Harrison, who also finds a mention in the Telegram post. Harrison's record claim was a distance of 1.53 miles or 2,475 m. The recent Ukrainian shot has pushed Harrison's shot to third place now.

Business Insider also reported another shot-for-record claim that is attributed to another unnamed member, this time from Australia's second command regiment. The shot was fired in 2012 and traveled a distance of 1.3 miles or 2.81 km before successfully finding its target.

It is unlikely that the Ukrainian sniper will also ever get recognized for his feat. However, one thing is certain. Ukrainian Forces will continue to publish the smallest of victories over the mighty Russians for days after the conflict ends.

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