Ukraine releases footage of artillery strikes on Russian tanks near Kyiv

Footage reveals at least eight strikes taking place.
Ameya Paleja
A screen shot of the footage releasedDefence of Ukraine/ Twitter

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry has released a two-minute-long video on Facebook and Twitter, showing successful artillery strikes on the Russian military vehicles, Business Insider reported.

Last week, Ukraine's defense ministry posted a clip of a Russian helicopter being blown out of the sky by what is likely a Stinger missile. The recent video was shared on March 8 and is likely shot from a drone. 

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Artillery taking out Russian tanks

The timestamps on the clip show that the event took place within a matter of minutes and the convoy of Russian vehicles was reduced to charred remains rather quickly. 

The video freezes when the artillery hits the target and continues to monitor the area. From the resolution of the images, it is unclear whether the targets are tanks or armored personnel carriers (APC). However, the damage done is undeniable. 

Since the convoy was using the road for transportation, there was little leeway available to take cover and after the first one was targeted, the others were practically sitting ducks on the deserted patch of the road. 

Site of the strikes

In the tweet, the Defence Ministry said that the strikes were carried out near the town of Borodyanka. Business Insider used geolocation from the video to determine the exact location of these strikes and found them on a rural road near the town. 

Satellite imagery showed the road and the gas station that can be seen in the footage, further verifying the footage. There is a lot of smoke seen at the site of the strike which is likely due to the heavy shelling Russian forces have been carrying out on the town. 

A previous report from Business Insider said that Borodyanka is located 45 miles away from the capital city of Kyiv. The town of 13,000 people has witnessed continuous shelling that has seen residential complexes destroyed. 

A Pentagon assessment claimed that over 90 percent of Russian combat power was still intact. 

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